EO LensFlo Plus Review

I have been wearing contact lens for 10 years now. I have tried several brands of cleaner but most I have tried has an ingredient that burn and irritate my eyes. Once I have tried this brand I will just not tell which brand, it really made my eyes cry an ocean (huh I guess that’s a song,hihi). 😀

I buy one bottle of solution good for 45 days. Now, I am out of lens cleaner! 

While some good qualities are too expensive. 

I am a bit in a low budget these days. With that being said, I opt for a cleaner that is affordable but also suits my sensitive eyes. Since I have been purchasing my monthly contact lens from EO Executive Optical and their lenses were more than perfect when it comes to quality, I told myself t try their own product of cleanser, the Lens Cleaner EO Lens Flo Plus.

I placed three drops of solutions on both sides and rest for few minutes, then I rub the lens on my hands for a few more seconds.
When I wear my lens, I did not feel any unusual thing in my eye. My eyes feel comfortable. I am happy that it works for me. 

EO Executive Optical did a good job in providing quality products for our eyes. They produce high quality lenses, eyeglasses and solutions. When you visit on any of their branches you can get a free eye check up.

I have been using the solution for a month now and so far, I like how it worked for me. I will buy another after this bottle runs out.

There is no alcohol scent and no soapy feel. I get more than my money worth. I bought this for less than P100 (if I remember it right, lol).


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