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Hello lovelies!
Who among you owns a makeup train case? If you don’t have one yet, do you wish to own one in the future?
Makeup traincase is like a portable vanity. Maybe if you are a beauty junkie who needs more room for your makeups and accessories, you need to own one. It keeps your makeup safe and secure especially when you travel. Most of these makeup train cases are pricey and considered as an investment. But for some, makeup kit is much comfy to carry and less hassle, most especially if you just have few makeups to carry.

Train case is a huge use help in cases such as when we travel. Women usually have hard time in thinking of ways on how to carry all of their cosmetics and beauty stuffs without the worry of spills, mirrors, eye makeups or powders to broken. Most especially when your products are too pricey, breaks your heart to see it ruined. Having a portable vanity can make those little touch-ups while journeying simpler.

Which one here on my list you liked most?




Aluminum plaid makeup train case 
organizer jewelry box with 
mirror petite & cute

 $18.99 or
PHP 846.56

PHP 3,000.00

There you go… Well if it happen that you wanna buy any of those , just click on the image and it will take you to the online shop. 

Thanks lovelies!
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