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Before you proceed to reading my post, Oh please no offense meant!
I just so happened to share about products that I have tried and did not work for me. Well it might work for others but for me, it is really a disappointment of ever believing the saleslady and the commercial, just kidding. PEACE.

1.Gluta-C Whitening Lotion
I don’t expect to see the effect right away. Of course it also needs a regular use like night and day but golly I am down to my 3rd bottle but not even a very little spot lightening took effect. I also use it together with the soap for best results. But I guess the product just really not for my skin.

2. Maxi-peel 
I remember I have tried Maxi-peel solution when I was 17, and I so love the effect. All the dark spots were swept away like magic and left my skin lighter and smoother. I thought to try it again, but what happened to my skin couldn’t get any worst, my skin just bled and left me with small scars. I stopped and just use the Maxi-peel cream until the peeled skin dried up.

3. Chapstick
Never worked for my dry lips and just made my lips look pale. Anyways, its not a big deal, the price is roughly Php50.

4. Pantene Hair Fall Shampoo
I thought by two months of using this shampoo, it will help reduce my hair fall, but not at all. I so love Pantene but this hairfall control shampoo didn’t work on my hair. I just switched back to their regular shampoo.

 Since our body keeps on changing, there is a change in our needs, too. I guess I will still give these products another chance in the future. Who knows, it work next time I try it. 

   That’s it! How about you dearies, whats the worst product that you have ever tried??

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