My Sigma Brushes

I am so thankful to those Youtube Videos makeup tutorials, they thought me how to use these kind of brushes. When I started using it,  you know what? It really stole my heart immediately!

 I never realized that there are tools that can improve my routine. 

Hubby sent me this two brushes two years ago which he won from a Xmas Party he attended when he was still in Middle East. If  I remember it right, it comes with three or four brushes. But since I am not used to using brushes, I just let it sit in the corner of my vanity and would you believe this, I even let my son just play with it and let him use as a brush in his water color. I know I hate myself  and I can’t believe how much of a dumb ass I was, huhu still gives a tear to my eye.

When I got a chance to watch a make up tutorial and saw how they use the brushes, I immediately grab the  remaining brushes, and found two. Of course I put it to use!

My most favorite brush is this F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. I use this on applying my foundation, And the foundation gives better coverage when you use this brush than just using your hands.

The other brush is the F10 powder/blush brush. I use this on contouring and blush on, I like how it feels on my face, it kinda feel quite addicting to just over and over again brush it all over my face.

The other thin brushes that came with this two brushes above, was thrown and as what I said, my son played with it. I believe those brushes are for lip, eye shading and tapered blending. 

I believe these brushes are worth an investment. It makes applying makeup less messy and it picks up the perfect amount of product for setting your makeup. A life saver!

You can these brushes in their website, just click HERE.

To that person behind creating these wonderful brushes, you are a genius!

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