Wrecking Ball Hits the Chart

From Hannah Montana, I have been her fan even I am way past my teenage years. It just saddened me how she transformed to a wild and rebellious image. Her fans know that she needs to grow up and get out from that sweet and charming image but taking herself far from what people expect from her is somehow ridiculous. And I really feel so sad about it.

Surprisingly after she made some people cringe really bad on her slutty image, her song out performs the music industry at this very moment!

Miley Cyrus most latest hit is  The Wrecking Ball. When I first heard of the song, I really have to admit, this song instantly became my current favorite! The song was just so fantastic. It is about a girl expressing her emotion. The song is very heartfelt but most people think that nudity is not needed in the video. Some say, that is what we call art. Yup, she is completely nude on some parts of the video. Which gathers a lot of super negative reactions.

The wrecking ball symbolizes a destructive love. Being naked represents a destroyed emotion after a guy broke her heart. She kissed the sledge hammer to show that she secretly still love the pain.

Did you know that

  • ‘Wrecking Ball’ is No. 1 on the ‘Billboard’ Hot 100 chart? 
  • The song has been streamed 2.5 million times this week on Spotify. 
  • The music video reached 100 million page views on Vevo in six days.

Here is the video for those who haven’t seen it yet.

The new Miley has a very powerful and edgy image than before. And as what she said, what you seee is what you get. People are overtalking of her acts. Whatever people say, she is just being herself! And reality is, she makes a great music and many people embrace it.

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