NOTD: Newspaper Nail Design

Sadly, I feel bad that I have neglected this blog (not to mention my other blog) for so many reasons. I have been too busy lately due to work, motherhood responsibilities and random events. How I wish I could have a dayoff from work and I could just update this blog so it can become anything but dull.

Okay, enough with the drama.. SMILE BIG TIME :DDDD

Let’s catch up!

Today, I am back with an NOTD post with tutorial. Please pardon the poor quality of photos taken by my mobile phone.

Aside from home making, Most of my day, I dedicate infront of my desktop working as a Virtual Assistant. I really have that nice and pretty mood when I see my nicely done nails while I am typing. I dunno, but I guess that isn’t weird. Girls, I am sure you will agree that nicely done nails always perks up our spirit, RIGHT?!


My own version of Newspaper Nail Design
It is my first time to do this and I guess I was able to do it right. I saw a tutorial on youtube and just followed how it is done.


Top Coat Colorless Nail Polish
Base Coat Nail Polish
Newspaper Cut outs

Have your nails cleaned and ready for nail polish. You need to have a clean canvass before you put the base coat.

One layer of base coat is enough. Second coating is optional. Let it dry.

Put a small amount of alcohol on a small bottle cap and soak your nails on it. Then cover it with a piece of newspaper cut outs  just like shown on the picture.

Remove the newspaper after few seconds. Voila! The print is transferred on your nails. Then all you have to do is top it with a colorless nail polish. Then, you are all set!

My top coat seems to have a bit of red to it so it kinda appeared like a stain on the nails.

Again, pardon me for uploading poor quality photos because these were all taken using my mobile phone.

Have you ever tried this design?

Thanks for dropping by!

Stay pretty inside and out ladies

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