Rejuvenating Set: Effective or Not? (Rejuvenating Set Review)

Don’t you just hate it when you bought a product just to find out that it is not effective to you?
If you have read about my Unfave Products post, I have said that I have tried Maxipeel again after the longest time but I just got disappointed with the result. I remember I have used Maxipeel way back teenage days and it gave me a super thumbs up result. Recently when I felt like my skin is looking dull and lackluster, I thought of using Maxipeel again but it just burnt my face and gave me blemishes instead of removing the dull surface. cry.

 I was told by my mom that I should try to use rejuvenating set. She recommended because she have already tried that before and proven effective to her. So out of desperation, I have discovered RARA G SKIN NECESSITIES. Rara is the owner, she is very friendly and accommodating. She sells skin care, beauty treatment products and also cosmetics. I checked on her page and I got amazed by different pictures posted showing of how effective her products were.

I have ordered two sets of rejuvenating treatment. Good enough to use and abuse for more than a month. I know I will be peeled off like an onion so I have ordered two sets so just to save me from running out of the product until after the peeling is completely done. I have also ordered a 8 in 1 Maintenance toner (the tall bottle). That is the toner I would like to use (my own choice) after I like to use after my face is totally done with the treatment.

This is how the actual package arrived.
It eliminates pimples, acne pigmentation, black/white heads, skin discoloration, blemishes, oily skin, wrinkles and even open pores. It helps renew your skin with it’s special formula to help you achieve clearer,blemish-free and brighter skin that glows.
1 Set includes:
1-Rejuvenating toner
1-Bleaching Cream
1-Sunblock Cream
1-Kojic Acid Soap

Price: Php230.00 
Each set is in a transparent plastic pack. The products doesn’t have instructions on how to use written on it . As you see, above is a piece of paper with a printed directions and instructions on how to use it.


On the photo above, you see there are serial numbers (is that how they call it?) and expiration dates printed at the bottom of each product. Although the ingredients are not indicated, it is nice to see that the products are sealed and it has multiple lid. It made me feel secure to use it.

My Experience:

1ST DAY: You will feel skin dryness. Feels like your skin becomes tighter after using washing your face with the soap and applying toner. I applied the products all through the neck just to make sure I won’t look terrible having darker neck than the face.

2ND DAY: The peeling has started. Upon washing your face, its really OUCHIEE! However, it’s still tolerable and heck that is normal. You know it will happen, so don’t complain!
The first week, was like a misery that I almost stopped from using the products. Whenever water touches my face, it stings. When I use the toner and creams my face is in pain. It felt like my face is swollen. I thought to stop, I almost told myself the word ENOUGH! But I know for sure if I stop, I will end up with discolorations on skin. No choice left for me but to continue. Also, three bumps appeared!

My face was darker and reddish during the treatment process. And all I thought the peeling was just for the first 7 days, but it was NOT! I had to admit, I neglected my skin for a long time and abuse my face by using different makeup products. Could that be the reason that makes this peeling process a lot longer than I thought it should be?

At this point, your face is itchy. 
On the 2nd week, you will see on the photos that some part of my face is done with the peeling and there are still parts that were not. I can already see the smooth skin peeking on the peeled skin. There were two or three pimples appeared. The hurt is no longer as terrible as the first week. It made me feel relief. 

What I like:
  • It evens out my skintone.
  • Removes small blemishes. 
  • Really lightens / brightens up face. I cannot remember any products that gave me same result in just less than a month.
  • Makes skin less oily.
  • It eliminates dryness.
  • It softens my skin. 
What I don’t like:
  • Strong scent.
  • Bumps appearing during 1st week to 2nd week.
  • I cannot go out during the treatment. 
  • Warmth and tightening of the skin.
  • Did not do much on eliminating blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Significant pain during treatment that usually lasts 20 days that you feel each time you wash your face and apply the products.
  • Packaging. How I wish they improve the packaging with the ingredients listed at the back of the product including the manufacturers location.
  • Itchy during treatment. 

  • Always use the sunblock even you stay indoor. 
  • If you will go outdoor, always bring your sunblock. Apply a thin amount every after two hours. Just to prevent your face from burning under the sun.
  • Don’t scratch or even rub the itchy spot to avoid from more redness and more ouchie.
  • Do not use other skin care products while using the rejuvenating set. They might not go together and may result to an irritated skin. You need to understand that during the treatment, your skin is very sensitive.
  • You need to be prepared before you start the treatment process. Don’t be surprised if you experience pain and redness. 
  • If severe irritation happened, stop using and consult a dermatologist.
  •  Do not use the product if you doubt it.

AFTER                                                                      BEFORE
Here is a picture on my third week, I already emptied the first set. I am sorry for the blurry photo above. On the right side is my face after the treatment. You will see that the blemishes I got from acne did not totally disappear but it became less visible and smaller. It is always important to also include your neck in using the product.

I compared my face now with my face two months ago. Wearing the same powder, no foundation.

My Say:

It honestly feels like my dead skin cells were swept away. I am happy with the result. Although the whole treatment process was terrible, it’s worth the try. I was expecting that it will make the scar on my forehead disappeared but I was wrong. Although, it has made it somehow less visible, I guess this rejuvenating set is really for just brightening your face, removing dead cells and even fine lines that we usually get from aging and cannot do much on scars and worse blemishes. Also, it did not removed blackheads on my nose and the whiteheads below my lips. 
The best part is… my hubby and friends have noticed that my skin becomes visibly brighter and smoother. Uy, Gumanda ka. I have become less oily than before. Friends have told me that my skin has improved a lot for a short period of time. smile. My husband has remarked on how much brighter my skin looks, and I am over the moon. kilig.

Suggestions & Recommendations:
 I recommend using rejuvenating set to those who wanted immediate result of achieving brighter and smoother skin. Just make sure you are prepared that the treatment process is going to be painful and never use the product if you doubt it. If you have sensitive skin, always ask your dermatologist before you try using rejuvenating set.

Reminder: Please beware of fakes. There are so many fake rejuvenating sets claiming they are manufactured by Professional Skin Care by Dr.Alvin. Buy only from legit and certified sellers/distributors.

How many Hearts?

Thanks a lot RARA G!

How about you loves, what facial treatments have you already tried? 

Stay Pretty Inside and Out!
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Disclaimer: I am not compensated to do this review and the products are purchased by my own money. 

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