Rejuvenating Set: Effective or Not? (Rejuvenating Set Review)

Don’t you just hate it when you bought a product just to find out that it is not effective to you?
If you have read about my Unfave Products post, I have said that I have tried Maxipeel again after the longest time but I just got disappointed with the result. I remember I have used Maxipeel way back teenage days and it gave me a super thumbs up result. Recently when I felt like my skin is looking dull and lackluster, I thought of using Maxipeel again but it just burnt my face and gave me blemishes instead of removing the dull surface. cry.

 I was told by my mom that I should try to use rejuvenating set. She recommended because she have already tried that before and proven effective to her. So out of desperation, I have discovered RARA G SKIN NECESSITIES. Rara is the owner, she is very friendly and accommodating. She sells skin care, beauty treatment products and also cosmetics. I checked on her page and I got amazed by different pictures posted showing of how effective her products were.
I have ordered two sets of rejuvenating treatment. Good enough to use and abuse for more than a month. I know I will be peeled off like an onion so I have ordered two sets so just to save me from running out of the product until after the peeling is completely done. I have also ordered a 8 in 1 Maintenance toner (the tall bottle). That is the toner I would like to use (my own choice) after I like to use after my face is totally done with the treatment.
This is how the actual package arrived.
It eliminates pimples, acne pigmentation, black/white heads, skin discoloration, blemishes, oily skin, wrinkles and even open pores. It helps renew your skin with it’s special formula to help you achieve clearer,blemish-free and brighter skin that glows.
1 Set includes:
1-Rejuvenating toner
1-Bleaching Cream
1-Sunblock Cream
1-Kojic Acid Soap
Price: Php230.00 
Each set is in a transparent plastic pack. The products doesn’t have instructions on how to use written on it . As you see, above is a piece of paper with a printed directions and instructions on how to use it.

On the photo above, you see there are serial numbers (is that how they call it?) and expiration dates printed at the bottom of each product. Although the ingredients are not indicated, it is nice to see that the products are sealed and it has multiple lid. It made me feel secure to use it.

My Experience:

1ST DAY: You will feel skin dryness. Feels like your skin becomes tighter after using washing your face with the soap and applying toner. I applied the products all through the neck just to make sure I won’t look terrible having darker neck than the face.

2ND DAY: The peeling has started. Upon washing your face, its really OUCHIEE! However, it’s still tolerable and heck that is normal. You know it will happen, so don’t complain!
The first week, was like a misery that I almost stopped from using the products. Whenever water touches my face, it stings. When I use the toner and creams my face is in pain. It felt like my face is swollen. I thought to stop, I almost told myself the word ENOUGH! But I know for sure if I stop, I will end up with discolorations on skin. No choice left for me but to continue. Also, three bumps appeared!

My face was darker and reddish during the treatment process. And all I thought the peeling was just for the first 7 days, but it was NOT! I had to admit, I neglected my skin for a long time and abuse my face by using different makeup products. Could that be the reason that makes this peeling process a lot longer than I thought it should be?

At this point, your face is itchy. 
On the 2nd week, you will see on the photos that some part of my face is done with the peeling and there are still parts that were not. I can already see the smooth skin peeking at the peeled skin. There were two or three pimples appeared. The hurt is no longer as terrible as the first week. i was relieved. 
What I like:
  • It evens out my skin tone.
  • Removes small blemishes. 
  • Really lightens / brightens up face. I cannot remember any products that gave me same result in just less than a month.
  • Makes skin less oily.
  • It eliminates dryness.
  • It softens my skin. 
What I don’t like:
  • Strong scent.
  • Bumps appearing during 1st week to 2nd week.
  • I cannot go out during the treatment. 
  • Warmth and tightening of the skin.
  • Did not do much on eliminating blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Significant stinging feel like your skin was burning during treatment that usually lasted 12-20 days. You will feel that each time you wash your face and apply the products.
  • Packaging wise, how I wish they improve the packaging with the ingredients listed at the back of the product including the manufacturers location.
  • Itchy during treatment. 

  • Always use the sunblock even you stay indoor. 
  • If you will go outdoor, always bring your sunblock. Apply a thin amount every after two hours. Just to prevent your face from burning under the sun.
  • Don’t scratch or even rub the itchy spot to avoid more redness and more ouchie.
  • Do not use other skin care products while using the rejuvenating set. They might not go together and may result to an irritated skin. You need to understand that during the treatment, your skin is very sensitive.
  • You need to be prepared before you start the treatment process. Don’t be surprised if you experience pain and redness. 
  • If severe irritation happened, stop using and consult a dermatologist.
  •  Do not use the product if you doubt it.
AFTER                                                                      BEFORE
Here is a picture on my third week, I already emptied the first set. I am sorry for the blurry photo above. On the right side is my face after the treatment. You will see that the blemishes I got from acne did not totally disappear but it became less visible and smaller. It is always important to also include your neck in using the product.
I compared my face now with my face two months ago. Wearing the same powder, no foundation.
My Say:

It honestly feels like my dead skin cells were swept away. I am happy with the result. Although the whole treatment process was terrible, it’s worth the try. I was expecting that it will make the scar on my forehead disappeared but I was wrong. Although, it has made it somehow less visible, I guess this rejuvenating set is really for just brightening your face, removing dead cells and even fine lines that we usually get from aging and cannot do much on scars and worse blemishes. Also, it did not removed blackheads on my nose and the whiteheads below my lips. 
The best part is… my hubby and friends have noticed that my skin becomes visibly brighter and smoother. Uy, Gumanda ka. I have become less oily than before. Friends have told me that my skin has improved a lot for a short period of time. smile. My husband has remarked on how much brighter my skin looks, and I am over the moon. kilig.
Suggestions & Recommendations:
 I recommend using rejuvenating set to those who wanted immediate result of achieving brighter and smoother skin. Just make sure you are prepared that the treatment process is going to be painful and never use the product if you doubt it. If you have sensitive skin, always ask your dermatologist before you try using rejuvenating set.

Reminder: Please beware of fakes. There are so many fake rejuvenating sets claiming they are manufactured by Professional Skin Care by Dr.Alvin. Buy only from legit and certified sellers/distributors.

How many Hearts?

Thanks a lot RARA G!

How about you loves, what facial treatments have you already tried? 
Stay Pretty Inside and Out!
For orders, you can contact Rara G:
Smart 0929 520 1102
Globe 0917 325 7673

Visit Rara G Skin Necessities 
Disclaimer: I am not compensated to do this review and the products are purchased by my own money. 

Here’s my post on my 2nd time of using rejuvenating set: 
Rejuvenating Set Review: My Second Time!

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  1. I haven't tried this yet although a friend of mine already suggested and testified about how wonderful the product is. Siguro it is about time n i-try ko na 'to kasi medyo hindi na maganda ang feel ko sa mukha ko. Will check the fb page, thank you.

  2. This rejuvenating set really works wonder. Your face being treated or applied with this cream shows the peeling off of your skin and for a matter of days it becomes clear and has a new good looking appearance.

  3. Wow, the results are good but the treatment is a bit, uh, stressful in my opinion. hehehe, not sure if I can do this but maybe when I don't have to go out much, I can try this. But great results though 🙂

  4. You really placed a lot of effort in this review, more than most bloggers are willing to. Great job. I for one am into natural methods for skin health. There's a lot of stuff in the kitchen that can be great for your skin.

  5. on my 2nd day of use nagkaroon ng butlig butlig na mapula sa skin, taposs nag start na mag peel. normal lang ba yung mga butlig? normal lang din ba yung makati sya?

  6. talaga bang makati siya? on my 2nd day ng use lumitaw yung mga butlig na mapupula alll over my face. tapos nag start mag peel? normal lng b yun?

  7. Wow! What a comprehensive review. Sad to say, I won't be able to try that product. I've found the right item na kasi for my skin care and I don't want to take the risk of trying other items.

  8. need your advice po.. my cousin told me na effective daw sa classmate nya ang rejuv set.. so i decided to order. then nun asakin n po ung set.. tumingin ako ng mga reviews.. im in doubt po sa process ang pamumulla at pagdadarken ng face.. worried ako sa magiging starting process ko advie nmn po dyan.. thanks

  9. Initial reaction yan sis ng skin mo since nanibago sa product. Pero if nagcontinue sa pag appear baka it means di mo hiyang yung product. Pero I really recommend to ask for a dermatologist advice before using rejuv set..
    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  10. Sabi nga nila, no pain no gain,, 🙂 pero sis I suggest you to consult a dermatologist first before using it. In my case, talagang I almost gave up sa mid part ng treatment process kasi sobrang mahapdi at feeling ako ang panget panget ko na, Pero part talaga yun ng process after few days nakita ko yung part na tapos na magpeel at talagang makinis so I decided to continue. After a few days yan makinis na buongface ko,, I am glad walang nadevelop na allergies..

  11. The answer is yes, since your skin is very sensitive during the treatment. Ako rin sis i have scratches bandang patilya, manipis kasi skin ntin on that part. It disappeared din after two days pero bumalik after a week ata. Pero kikinis din sis after the treatment. Sabi nga, no pain, no gain.

  12. Is it okay po ba na gumamit ng make up, during the treatment? Im on the 8th day na po at talagang ang terrible po ng naeexperience ko. Much much redness and pain tapos po uneven yung skin. May mga butlig po kasi gumamit ako ng BB Cream iniisip ko po baka allergic reaction yun 🙁 Please reply po 🙁 Thank you so much!!!

  13. It is better if you stop using other skin products during treatment. Gumamit ako ng concealer to hide the unevenness kasi I needed to go out pero lalo lang naenhance dryness and mas naging obvious ung peeling. I was glad walang naging negative reaction skin ko. We have different skin condition, what works for you might not work for me. On the third week, matatapos na rin ang pagbabalat. on the fourth week, it evened out my skintone.

  14. i stopped using it but I am planning to use again. My skin became sensitive lately and I currently have an acne prob. I decided to go back using it kasi its effective in clearing my skin

  15. Kakaorder ko lang ng rejuv set kay ms rara. Ano ginawa mo nung nagppeel ung sa face mo then you have to go out? dont know how will i start e. Nagsschool kasi ako, mainit pa naman don. Ano pede gawin para di masyado halata ung redness at peeling nya?

  16. Hi!i almost used that 1 week na pero wala pa rin ung redness and micropeeling na nararamdaman ko.Normal lang ba yun or dahil sa gumagamit pa din ako nang foundation kasi nagwowork ako sa mall kaya kelangan magmake up pa din

  17. Hi! may tanung lang po ako, kasi gumagamit din ako now ng rejuvinating set,4 days palang akong gumagamit and nagbabalat na mukha ko at medyo makati din. Paggumagamit ako ng sabon at facial toner mahapdi talaga sya, parang ayaw ko na nga icontinue pero normal lang pala yun. And ngayon may pimple kasi ako,i dont if na-irritate sya kasi sobrang namumula yung pimple ko and parang sugat na sya,. worry ko lang baka matagal pigsa na to kasi sugat na. Baka pwede nyu po ako matulungan,discontinue ko po ba yung rejuvinating set na ginagamit ko or continue ko parin kahit na parang nairritate yung pimple ko? thanks po sa magrereply. God Bless po.

  18. tiis ganda talaga sissy, thats the most crucial part. Initial effects sa face ang pagdami ng pimples and pamamaga kasi the product is trying to get into the deepest part of your skin for renewal so lahat ng dirt na nakasiksik sa pores tinatanggal nya. after few days mawawala din pimples mo sis…. that is based on my experience 😀

  19. hello po. 2nd day ko po ngayon gumagamit ng reju set and mainit po panahon, pag naglalagay po ako ng sunblock parang nasusunog face ko ang init… normal po ba yon? ty

  20. I just started using rejuv again. I see a big difference when it comes sa pain. My first time to use it was talagang napakahapdi ng face at the first week kahit water lang magtouch sa face mo pero this time around parang di na as extreme. You can actually use other brand of sunblock cream na hiyang mo, it wont affect the skin treatment process basta continous lang ang koji soap, toner and bleaching cream

  21. thanks po sa pag reply. mejo ok napo ngaun ang sunblock… ayon lang, mhapdi padin at nag pepeel na… so kahit po mahapdi, tuloy2 parin po pag gmit ng soap,toner,at cream? ty

  22. Great blog. 🙂 ask ko lang po sana. Kailangan ko po ba na hanggang 1 month lang ang paggamit ng toner and cream? Or pwede po ako mag extend ng weeks? Thank you 🙂

  23. hello sis 🙂 ive started using the product last sunday so pang 4th day ko na, there's redness sa right face ko tas itchy sya, normal lang ba yun? and yung peeling nya hindi kasing severe katulad sa iba.

  24. Hi! Im yana 🙂 18, I am using Kojic acid soap but I never attempt applying it on my face, its just for my arms and legs and all i can say is “Wow”! im loving the result .. My skin becomes whiter, fairer and looks pinkish, my scars due to mosquito bites fades away! i never tried to use those set of creams on my face coz I doubt if its really effective and im afraid for negative results haha .. I am only using safeguard soap on my face to somehow eliminate germs and put katialis cream on my face every before bed time, great i never had pimples since then

  25. Hi sis. Taning ko lang if ganun pa din yung pag peel ng face mo when you used the set for the second/third time? I used the set before na kasi and i want to use it again. Yun nga lang ayaw ko nang ulitin ang bonggang pag peel and hapdi nung una haha. Ano yung ginamit mo after sa set? Thank you.

  26. hindi na as bongga ng 1st time ung peeling and ung hapdi sis. Mas happy ako sa result the second time. Gora na sis tiis ganda! Hahaha After ng treatment I use maxipeel facial cleanser and collagen cream.

  27. 1 week na kong gumagamit nito, pero sa Gabi lang yung toner, sobrang hapdi kasi. Nagtataka lang ako, kasi sa cheeks and forehead ko, walang peeling. Yung mga edge lang. Pati sa neck, grabe sobrang red na ng neck ko, may peeling din, kaso di ko na matake na lagyan ng toner, baka maiyak na ko sa sobrang hapdi haha. Normal po ba yun? Na wala pa sa cheeks and forehead? Eto pa naman mga parts na gusto Kong magpeel, todo lagay na nga ko ng toner dito kasi wala din redness dun sa mg part na yun kaya natatake ko panglagyan ng toner.

  28. Ok lang kaya na yung applyan ko na lang ng toner, yung mga parts na Hindi ngrered? Di ko n kasi kaya lagyan yung mga parts na todong pula and may parang mga butlig, kasi hawakan kop palang soya. Masakit na e. Ok lang kaya yun?

  29. OO sis sobrang hapdi, ganyan talaga tiis ganda. you'll get fast result if you do the toning twice a day as per the instruction. Sa cheeks and forehead mo sis micro peeling lang. After 20 days, you'll see your cheeks will become smoother and lighter. Mhapdi tlga kapag sinasabon at especially pag nagtotoner, just swipe the cotton all over your face as fast as you can para less hapdi. kasi if dahan dahan mo idab ung cotton sa face, mas feel na feel ung hapdi.

  30. Good news for me. Hindi na mahapdi yung toner pag inaapply, naglessen na din yung redness. Ganun ata talaga pag 2nd week na? Parang naiimmune. Kaya lang nagkapimples ako e. T_T

  31. oo sis di na gaanong mahapdi on the second week. Have you read my blog post on how it went on my second time of using this rejuv set? heres the link:

    At the second week may tumubong pimples din pero after 3 days nawawala rin with regular toning and applying bleaching cream.

  32. Sobrang hiyang ka talaga sa rejuv noh. Ganda ng result. Every morning and evening ko na nga ginagamit yung toner e, tolerable na kasi. Sana magpeel na siya. Thank you sis.

  33. Hello po, pede po magtanung? Hehe 😊😞 kasi po one week na po ko gumagamit ng rejuv set. Natapos na po yung peeling, pero bakit po yung face ko ang dry dry nya padin😣😭 what can i do?? Para bumalik sa dati😣 pag nagssmile ako, nababanat huhu

  34. Thank you! 🙂 di kasi ako makalabas ng bahay, nahihiya ako. Ilang weeks po ba bago mawala yung peeling? At hindi na halata yung treatment? :3 huhu.

  35. on the third week super kinis na skin sis. Pero sometimes my part pang di pa tapos pero dont worry, on the fourth week, completely wala na peeling. Basta sis stop using the treatment on your 30th day. 🙂

  36. on the third week super kinis na skin sis. Pero sometimes my part pang di pa tapos pero dont worry, on the fourth week, completely wala na peeling. Basta sis stop using the treatment on your 30th day. 🙂

  37. Ate ganto po ba talaga pag hindi ka nag put ng toner saka cream, parang ang tigas ng skin mo sa face? Ganun ba talaga? Bat po ganun? Paano po hindi maging ganon. :3 gusto ko po kasi lumabas ng hindi nag put ng toner and cream eh pag hindi naman pa ko nag ligay, pag nag ssmile ako nababanat yung skin ko sa face.

  38. Yes parang nababanat talaga. It shows na the product works on you. The treatment is supposed to use regularly for 30 days. If lalabas ka, just wear sunblock to protect your skin. I suggest higher spf40+

  39. Yes parang nababanat talaga, it only shows na the product works on you. The treatment is supposed to be used regularly for 30 days. If lalabas ka, just wear sunblock to protect your skin. I suggest spf40+

  40. Ate help po nagamit din po ako now ng rejuv set. Nun una po qeek ko sobra hapdi itong 2nd week mejo ndi na. Di ko po alam kc masyado mapula sa.may neck gilid ng mukha ko sa may patilya at aa may ilalim ng baba. Nakakamot ko po kaya cguro lumala. D ko po alam kng nasunog b s toner at sabon or dahil sa allergy lng ako.. Help nman po kng normal b un. Iniwasan ko muna sya .. D ko muna nilagyan ng toner. Sayang namn kc amg 1week ko kng itigil ko..pde ko po b ikaw ma add sa fb para mkita ang pic..

  41. Thanks. basta if may question just send me PM sa fb ko 🙂 Beware of fake rejuvenating sets. Always buy from a legit seller/distributor of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr.Alvin like Rara G

  42. hi mam. ask ko lang po anu pong magging effect pag nag continue ka lng ng rejuvinating set after ng 30 days? nasa dubai kasi kame kakastart palng nmen ng mga friends ko . pero ung stock na binili nmen 25 pcs. na set na rejuvinating wulang maintenance.. panu po kaya un.?

  43. 30 days lang sis kasi masyadong ninipis naman skin mo which is not good. I suggest 40-60 days before you start using rejuvenating treatment again. Para di mawala ang effect ng treatment sa face, you have to use maintenance set or clarifying set. you can text RaRA G or send her message sa FB and she will suggest which set is best for your current skin condition kasi it depends eh. I think she also do international shipping.

  44. hi sis sana magreply ka. first time ko mag apply kagabi, di ako nakatulog sa sobrang kati ng face ko, nagpantal pantal sya, tapos pag gising ko kaninang morning, namamaga yung mata ko normal ba yun? sabi nila baka daw di ako hiyang.. pero gumamit prin ako kaninang morning, di naman na nangati yung muka ko

  45. 1. May I know first what brand of rejuvenating set gamit mo and where did you get it kasi po maraming nagkalat na fake Professional skin care na rejuvenating treatment.
    2. Chances are nairritate skin mo kasi nanibago sa product or dika hiyang sa product.

  46. Ma'am ask ko lng po I'm using this product 4 days na and nag Babalat na sya and Mahapdi Red face, Sabi nga natural lng to but nung minsan nung 3 days ko po nag aaply na ako then Papasok nagulat ako puro balat and Red Inalis ko po yung balat and Nag Hilamos ako Is that ok lng po ba ? Continue parin po kc yung Ginagawa ko ngayon.

  47. Yes redness and peeling are part of the treatment. You can peel off the tiny flakes only. However, please be aware that you might suffer from the risk of overdoing it before you know it. So I suggest, hayaan mo lang mag peel ng kusa, dont rush. 🙂

  48. Salamat sis, Ask Ko Din Again Nag wo worry ako about on my acne, Kasi May Tumubo na Malaki Yung parang Palabas na Nana ? 2 on my cheeks and 1 sa Nose ko, Tsaka Parang Hindi naman nababawasan Pimples ko ? :'( Pero nag Babalat at matutuyo yung iba 1 week na din ako hnd naka pasok kasi nahiya ako sa Mga Classmate ko

  49. Maam Ask Ko lang NAtural Lang Bang May Lumalabas na Mga Pimples? Yung Iba Malaki eh?
    Pa Add po sa Facebook , and Babalik ba sa Dating kutis ng face pag 1 month na ? Thanks po :*

  50. during my first time using this treatment may two pimples na tumubo sa second week pero nawala din sis because of the treatment kasi adjusting period pa rin un. if feeling mo dumadami naman pimples mo, I suggest you stop using the product baka di hiyang ng face mo 🙂

  51. Ask ko lang po sis, normal lang po ba yung parang dark red spots na lalabas? Parang pimple scar pero hindi naman tinubuan yung part na yun. Thanks! Anyway your blog is so informative and helpful! 🙂

  52. yes because the product is trying to get into the deepest part of your skin for renewal so lahat ng dirt na nakasiksik sa pores tinatanggal nya. after 30 days, you will see more clearer and brighter skin. Please get back and share your experience after your treatment, I would love to hear other people's experience about this skin treatment eh. Thanks 🙂

  53. Hello Sis. Can I ask if anong way or process ginagawa mo pag may mahapdi effect na sa face? And how to hide the peeling of skin kase sa office ako nagwowork, kinda annoying lang kase nagpipeel ang face ko. What should I do? And na experience mo din ba yung super hapdi sa may upper lip? Thanks. God Bless. Your reply will be highly appreciated. ☺

  54. Hello Sis Malapit na akong mag 2 weeks and Napansin Ko Nawawala Nga sya, But ask Ko Lng If nasa Aircon or Mall ako Ma Mumula ba Yung Face ko ? And 30 days lng Ba Sya Gagamitin By The way Ganda Talaga Ng Result ng Sayo I like it <3 And Product mo

  55. yes sis I experienced ung sobrang hapdi around my lips area. Ung hapdi, seconds lang naman sis pero what I do is everytime I apply toner and cream, mabilisan. My sis once did it slowly and paisaisang part ng face kasi sobrang hapdi daw, pero mas pinapatagal mo lang ung process and mas mafefeel mo ung hapdi. I just apply all over my face the fastest I could, it is more tolerable that way.
    There is no way to hide the peeling, but you can make it a little less obvious. I use iWhite Cream, you can read my review here and I I dont top it off with powder. Any form of powder will enhance the appearance ng peeling 🙂

  56. YES 30 DAYS lang dapat gamitin ang treatment to avoid thin ang pagnipis ng skin. You can use the rejuv set again after 45-60 days. About sa pamumula ng skin sa airconditioned room, siguro depende sa skin type. Pero while using the treatment, my redness tlga even wala ka sa airconditioned room

  57. Hi ask ko lng if what result ng sayo after 1 week? Lumalala po ba? Or pakinis na? Ksi im using the product, and today is my 1st week n, di aq nag take ng “before & after” photo, kya di ko npapansin un result ko, pero nun 1st day ko pag gamit ng rejuv, i followed the instructions correctly nmn, then ginamit ko tlga sinakto ko n wla aqng pimples, but nun mga pang 3rd day until now, nagkakapimples aq, ksi un type ng pimple ko malalaki pero paisa isa lng un tubo minsan tatlo puo sa part lng ng nose, upper & lower lip, lower cheeks, & lower jaw. Sobrang severe ksi ng skin ko, at gusto ko n tlga mawala un acne problem q, since high school p tong acne ko, and im already 24 years old n, but still tinitigyawat prin 🙁 kya hirap din aq mkahanap ng work because of my face, and my self confidence is very low. I know n part lng s processing treatment ung tubuan ng pimples, super redness, peeling, itching, and ung sobrang hapdi. but my concern ksi is un result, prang di ko ksi nkikita p un result sakin, di nmn sa magmamadali aq aa, pero npapansin ko ksi prang lumalala lng un muka ko. Khit konting good result man lang sna ang makita ko, ee kaso prang wlang pag babago. Cnabi lng sakin knina ng brother ko, “bat ganun un muka mo? Prang wla parin nangyayari? Nasubaybayan p kita pag gamit mo nyan since 1st day mo, prang mas lumala lng ngaun?” Kya aun prang gusto n tuloy ihinto un product. Pero ico2ntinue ko parin xa gamitin. Ksi sayang nmn kung ihihinto ko p, nka 1 week n ko. By the way im a guy my name is RAP. 😉

  58. Hi Rap, we share same sentiments about pimple prone skin. If you will read my blog post, the first week was terrible experience kc I experienced the super hapdi and latter part of the 1st week may pimples na tumubo which is normal during the treatment. If you have more questions, please refer to my post on my 2nd time of using Rejuv Set, CLICK HERE Also, you need to finish the treatment to see the result 🙂

  59. hi. gumagamit ako ng rejuv set. lalaki ako. okay lang ba sa lalaki? pwede ba? grabeng pula na ng mukha ko parang lechon. wala naman akong pimples tsaka maputi naman na ako gusto ko lang sana na mag glow lang siya. 6th day ko na sobrang pula parin at ang hapdi normal ba yun?

  60. Ofcourse anyone can use rejuvenating set regardless of gender. Yes all the redness and hapdi are normal. You can read my post about my second time of using Rejuvenating set, CLICK HERE. There you will learn more about the treatment process. Thanks

  61. Hi! Good day! Can I ask normal lang po ba yung sobrang pamumula ng face ko. Yung ibang part namumula yung ibang part hindi po. Tapos nagwoworry po kasi sa may cheek part ng face ko and upper cheek parang namamaga parang nagpop up and sa lower cheek may spot na super nag reddish tapos may part na maputi naman. YUng itsura parang nagpapantal. Is that normal? Nag doubt na po kasi ako continue. BUt when I read your blog it gives laks ng llob and strength and thinking na baka ganun lang effect sa akin. What can you suggest po? Pleae reply. This is my first week to use the rejuvenating set.You're reply is highly appreciated. God bless you more.

  62. helow sis… na wo-worry na ako pang 1st week ko pa ito, kaso nag aaral ako hindi ma iiwasan na nabibilad ako sa araw.. natatakot ako ba ka masusunog yung face ko 🙁 ano ba dapat gawin? Every morning i used sunblock Gel, den bandang afternoon i used ponds with SPF30 OK lang ba yon??? 🙁 HELP ME! Paranoid na ako :(((

  63. No, wag kang maparanoid sis. If you spend more of your time outside, just make sure you have the protection you need like sunblock, umbrella or anything you can cover your face with. And never scratch your face, kasi normally makati lalo na if oily face.

  64. ok sis pang first week ko na to mdjo d na mapula .. anu na mangyayari pag 2nd wk? its kinda excited.thankyou soo much dis blog helps me a lot.

  65. hi normal po b tlga n pra xang namamantal at ndi panty pnty ang redness and pang 8days q na parang dry n dry xa. evry nught q nlng gngmit ang toner kc, ok lng b un….

  66. Yes everything you are currently experiencing are normal. I feel so ugly during the 7th – 17th day of treatment kasi super dry and my skin looks a little darker aside sa redness. I suggest you use the toner twice a day as instructed to complete the treatment within the 30 days period.

  67. 10 days n po aq gmgmit ng rejuvinating set. Normal lng po b n super puti n ng skin q s my labi at ung ibang part maitim p dn? Ok lng dn po b gumamit ng iwhite facial cream pra i hide ang peeling ng skin? Tnx po

  68. Normal lng po b s part mlpit s lips e mputi obvious n iba ang kulay dhl ung ibang part red t maitim? Panu itatago ang uneven skin tone?tnx po

  69. hi sis Tanong kulang i used kasi dis product within 2nd week and then naubos na so bali hindi talaga sya umabot na 30 days tapos nag proceed ako ng CLARIFYING SET… ok lang ba yun? may improvement ba yun sa mukha ko? 🙁

  70. I am so sorry, Iam not sure if I get your question right, are you asking if my improvement sa mukha ang rejuvenating set that you used or the clarifying set na you are about to get?

    If your question is for the rejuvenatng set, Only you can tell if it made any improvement on your skin. First, did you experienced micro peeling? Second, did your skin improved prior using the product? Have you noticed any changes? Third, you should have not experienced all that I have mentioned in the blog post and in this comment, you have misused the product or you got the fake one.

    For the maintenance products to use after rejuvenating treatment, I suggest you to send a message to Rara G and she will recommend the best skincare set depending on your skin condition. Iba iba kasi tayo ng skin type, if your skin oils up too much, you have pores, or you dont have much skin problem. The set costs P230 each and then after you hear what Rara got to say about her recommendation, you can order to her. 🙂

  71. as I always tell to my readers, our skin reacts to different products. And if you will read the blog post I did had breakouts on during 2nd week. If you feel the treatment doesn;t help your skin, you can stop at any time. And let me remind you, the treatment is 30 days to complete. Thanks

  72. normal lng b mangitim muka, 1st week ko plang ngayon may cystic acne aq pero naglalangeb sya, ngyon tolerable na ang soap and toner, pero napancin q umiitim muka q. tuloy ko pa b

  73. Hi sissy leilani. Ask ko lang, I bought this rejuvenating set 1 week ago, pero I just saw sa instruction na dapat bleaching cream ang gamitin for 1 month. Pero dun sa set na binli ko, imbes n bleaching cream, rejuvenating cream ang meron ako. Pero meron dn nman toner,kojic soap and sun block. Worried lang tlg ko kasi rejuvenating cream un nasa set. Binalik ko yun sa binilhan ko pero sabi nun nabilan ko, same lang daw yun. Based s nga nabbilhan mo, same lng b tlg ang bleaching sa rejuvenating cream?

  74. Hi sis ask lng pang 3rd day ko na ngaun kasi nung first day ko namaga talaga face ko kaya inistop ko yung bleach kasi baka dahil dun eh kya inistop ko yung bleach ok lng po ba yun kahit d ko ginagamit yung bleach ? Sana po mag reply ka

  75. Ask lng po kasi nung first day ko as in namaga talaga face ko kaya tinigil ko yung bleach ngaun pang 3rd day ko na super hapdi at kati ng face ko and nag ppeel na sya ask lng if ok lng kahit d ko na gamitin yung bleach kasi parang yun yung dahilan ng pamamaga eh sana po mag reply ka

  76. Hi ma'am. I'm on my first week of use pa lang kaso parang endless cycle of micro peeling ang nangyayari sa mukha ko tapos pulang pula po talaga. Marami din maliliit na parang pimples tumutubo at namamaga pa mukha ko. Normal lang po ba ito?

  77. Hi po ate 🙂 Ano po ba yung resulta pag tinigil yung paggamit ng rejuv set? Feeling ko kasi suko ng ko sa hapdi eh hahaha Mag1week ko na po siyan ginagamit. Sana po masagot niyo 🙂 Thankyou ate Godbless 🙂

  78. its okay not to continue, its always your call. Ganyan din ako halos sumuko sa hapdi, pero pinagpatuloy ko parin. dont worry even it started peeling off, your face will still go back to its normal condition.

  79. if you feel na masyadong na irritate face mo, you can stop using the bleaching cream. but dont expect the same good result in the long run. although thats normal ganyan din ako, feeling ko halos maga na face ko, its your call if you want to stop using the product na,

  80. Hi salamat s pag response miss leilani. Sori kung ntagalan aq mag reply sa response mo. Anyway im Rap un nagcomment nun feb 15. Uhm yah effective un rejuv set, ntapos ko xa ng 30 days & after pinahinga ko ng 1 week ksi mejo mapula prin un face ko pero may part lng, unlike nun mga 1st to 2nd week ko my whole face was super red tlga, then after a week of resting, npansin ko n tlga nag glow un skin ko, wla n q pimples, may mga acne marks prin & baku bako pero nag lessen n cla khit papaano, sobrang severe face ksi tlga ko kya di xguro agad agad kikinis un skin ko, proud nmn aq sa nagawa ng rejuv sakin, but the PROBLEM is, after a week again, bigla nnmn aq nag kakapimples, at pansin ko mejo matagal n xa gumaling. 🙁 prang temporary treatment lng tuloy ang rejuv set sakin.. iniisip ko tuloy prang wla n atang pag asa gumaling tong face ko… Nag research din ksi ko ng mga ibang product ng PSC may nakita aqng Acne/Pimple Set, kso wla p q nkikitang reviews about sa set, kya nag aalanganin aq bumili. Tapos bigla ko naalala tong post mo, then nbasa ko un 2nd time of using rejuv mo. Ask ko lng, nun 1st time mo b sa rejuv, after b nun di k n b nagka pimple? & bkit ka ulit gumamit ng rejuv? Nagkakapimple k b ul8? -Rap

  81. Hi Rap, same thing happened to me on myy first time,. After few weeks, I experienced acne problem. super severe acne problem ko after few months thats why i decided to use rejuv again and viola nawala lahat pimples ko and mas kuminis na face ko. It also keep the pimples from coming back., You can use clarifying set as maintenance for the next 25 days then go back in using rejuvenating treatment again.

  82. hi kaka-kita ko lang ng blog mo. about the product. bago lang ako gumamit nag start ako netong mach 24,2015 itatanong ko lang since nung second day until now nag ppeel pa dik nung skin ko. at grabe nakakaiyak yung sabon and toner. normal lang ba yun? at tska if ever na matapos ko ng 30days yung treatment after ba non dapat may gamitin pa den?

  83. if you will read the blog post, i mentioned na I almost gave up dahil sa hapdi. I feel so ugly and it feels my skin is burning perotinuloy ko pa rin, yes normal lang po naeexperience nyo.

    after thirty days, use maintenance. I use clarifying set 🙂

  84. Hello po

    Mag 30 days na ako ngaun 4 sa April, tanung ko lang po clarifying set Ilan days din yun gagamitin ko? kung mag 2nd time ko gagamitin ng rejuvenating treatment ilang days ko papahinga yung face ko na walang gagamitin?hindi kc sya nag peel off masyado
    gusto sana ako MG 2nd time..MG treatment

    Thanks po

  85. Hello, Sis! Pang 4th day ko na sa pag gamit ng rejuv set. Ask ko lang if ever na itinigil ko yung pang gamit neto now. Magiging mapula at mukhang may pekas yung mukha ko forever o babalik sya sa dati? Yun lang po. Wait ko po answet nyo. 🙂

  86. Hi po.. 1week ko po ngaun gumagamit.. Ask ko lng po..pag nag hihilamos po b OK lng n parang hinihilod or tinatanggal ko ung nagbabalat? O masama? And pag namula po b ung face normal LNG po ba un?maputi po kc tlga ako kya parang alanganin ung color ng face ko s katawan ko…

  87. thats okay sis kasi mawawash away tlga yung ibang skin nagbabalat while washing your face. yes normal ang redness during treatment. after treatment, mawawala rin po redness based on my own experience 😀

  88. It is normal in my 5th day of using this product my face become darker and become red? And super ouchie? I know it is a good product coz in the 2nd day of using this product my pimples becomes dry. But my face become darker and darker. It is normal? Hope that you will reply asap 🙂 thanks.

  89. Please refer to the blog post. The blogger already posted her experience to help those who use this product. The blog post is very detailed that all your questions are there, you just have to READ please

  90. Please refer to the blog post. The blogger already posted her experience to help those who use this product. The blog post is very detailed that all your questions are there, you just have to READ please

  91. thank you 🙂 this is now my 1 week of using this product. I'm now satisfied! its really working. My pimples all gone now. but my face has little red esp. on my cheeks. BTW what If I'm done using this product for 30 days. What maintenance should I use? Can I use another products? Or its okay w/ out maintenance?

  92. You are welcome 🙂 Don't worry, redness is normal until the 30th day. Since you have a pimple prone skin, I suggest you use Clarifying set. You can go back using rejuvenating set after one month of using clarifying set. Be careful not to buy fake products, always buy to legit distributors. 😀

  93. Hi ate, tanong ko lang po kung normal lang po ba yung pag red po ng face ko. Kasi po may part ako sa may bandang lips na red sya tapos sa ibang part di naman masyado kaya parang uneven. Btw 4th day ko na po sa paggamit. Salamat po

  94. hi, thanks for dropping by. if you will read the blog post, most part of your face will turn red. In your case, the redness has just commenced. it means expect more redness on the coming days and weeks.

  95. Ate after using this rejuvenating set. Okay lang bang bumalik ako sa dati kong skin routine. For instance, using ponds night cream.

  96. Tatanong ko lang po. Normal po ba na may part na medyo dark? Hindi po kase pantay yung kulay bukod sa pamumula. medyo nangingitim yung ibang part. Nagwworry po ko baka masunog yung muka ko. 🙁 anung kailangan ko pong gawin? Salamat p.

  97. ate, yon hapdi ba secs lang talaga kapag ginagalaw? or mahapdi sya kahit wala kang ginagawa? siguro magfan para mahangin habang nagtotoner para less hapdi? second day ko ngayon mag hilamos na sana ako hahahaha

  98. yes seconds lang, tiis ganda tlga hahahah. Dont worry, mahapdi lang while washing your face and applying the toner and cream, after nun mawawala na 🙂 Yup, harap ka nlng sa fan, thats what I did nung first time ako gumamit. Naging tolerable na rin for me nung nsanay na 🙂

  99. Hello po Im lanie ask lng po what if after a month I decide to discontinue using it what will happen?? Mag darken ba?? Or what will be the result if u stop after a long term of using it ?

  100. Hi ma'am, i'm on my 15th day ng rejuvenating treatment, so far, sa face ko ok naman ang result, pero yung neck ko yata parang hindi hiyang. Sobrang hapdi na makati na ewan, tapos nagsugat na, mukang kinalmot ni wolverine, eh hindi ko naman kinakamot. Natatakot ako. 🙁 ano po ba experience nyo sa neck banda? 🙁

  101. Skip applying the products to your neck po, ang tendency po kasi maiiritate skin nyo sa neck pag pinagpapawisan. I extend using the treatment sa upper part lang ng neck po not all the way down.

  102. Hi po pagtapos po ba ng treatment mawawala na po ung redness ng face ko? Marami po kasing nakakapansin ng pagkared ng face ko pra dw pong namamaga. Kunwari po tapos na ko 30 days kinabukasan po kaya mawawala na ung redness? Salamat po

  103. Hi, as you can read in the blog post, redness is normal during the treatment. Although we have different skin types, redness that caused by rejuvenating treatment will completely fade after the treatment. If redness did not fade a week or two after treatment, pls consult your derma. Thanks.

  104. Hi naubos na kc ung toner and rejuvinating cream q ask q lng kung pd aq bumili kay rara ng isang set kung baga hnd kay rara ung una kong ginamit na rejuvinating set.pd ba un?

  105. Hello po miss leilanie. 7days nalng patapos na treatment ko. Then, nag silitawan yung malilit na prang bungang araw sa face ko d naman pimple nabbother ako ksi. Andami lalo sa noo. Normal po ba yun?,kasi nung 1-3rd week wala naman po. Ngayun lang medyo natakot ako ksi kung kelan patapos na 🙁

  106. hi ms. leilanie, good day! ask ko naman, ung rejuvinating cream sa gabi lang ba talaga pwedeng gamitin? hindi ba sya pwedeng morning and night, parang 2x a day mo sya gagamitin….. thank u

  107. OMG! Thank heavens for this blog. I was so effin worried about my face. I have been using the Rejuv set for only 2 days and I have already experienced peeling. Peeling I can live with, what I am so worried about is the redness. Super red, ripe tomato-ish red and it stays whole day. It doesn't fade ~______~. Now I know that it's just fine, part of the process. I just hope this fades after a week or so. Grabeeeh Tiis ganda talaga. God bless to us, Pretty Ladies!


  108. I am sorry to hear that, it did not happened to me. You can also try to figure out what causes your pimples, it might be some of the ff reasons: touching your face with unsanitized hands, using unsanitized makeup products like face powder/makeup brushes, hormonal imbalance. Also make sure your pillow is clean.

  109. Hello po, tapos na po ako sa Rejuvenating set. Ano naman po kayang mga products ang pwede kong gamitin? At kailan po kaya ako pwede ulet gumamit ng Rejuv Set?

  110. Thats what I honestly do everytime I am on my second week of treatment and theres nothing harm happened on my skin. I just feel that this is the most effective way for me to get the best result. However, Our body and skin reacts differently, What works for one person may not work for another.

  111. Hi miss itatanong ko lang kung natural lang ba na nagkaka pimple ako. 3rd week ko na ngayon. Nung 1week ko nakita ko yung bag babago biglang kuminis yung face ko. tpos eto nga nung 2nd week ko bigla ako nagkapimples. Pero puro marks na lang sya ngayon. Mawawala ba yun? nawawalan na ko ng pag asa eh. :((

  112. Hello po ate, Ive read the article and u said my 3 bumps ikaw na break out during treatment, tonight was my 4th day of treatment and from day 1 nag break ako ng mga zits and active pimples, is this just part po ate? And is it okay ba na mag use ng make up, i am guilty using cake powder foundation po kasi from my first treatment kasi may summer class ako and para labg matabunan ung redness and mga paglabas ng mga pimples ko. Thanks so much for helping 🙁 takot lang ako kasi baka hndi tlga talab sakin huhuhu

  113. since the product is trying to get into the deepest part of your skin for renewal so lahat ng dirt na nakasiksik sa pores tinatanggal or inaangat nya that results to pimples. In few days as you continue the treatment, pimples and marks will eventually disappear .

  114. since the product is trying to get into the deepest part of your skin for renewal so lahat ng dirt na nakasiksik sa pores tinatanggal or inaangat nya that results to pimples. In few days as you continue the treatment, pimples will eventually disappear . I suggest stop using foundation muna kasi it might be your foundation causing you pimples.

  115. Awwe thank you so much sa fast respond, ate Lei. But I think its normal lang sguro bec i have an acne prone skin, the break outs i have during the treatment are noticably far from my break outs before na malalaki, ngayon just small zits yet active. Today will be my last class and after this i will refrain muna using the foundation since sa bahay lang ako. But im still happy coz during on the 4th day, may results napo sya, slightly na naglilight ung pimple marks ko. Ill keep u updated po, would you mind sending you my before photos po ate Lei, reply lang where can I send 🙂

  116. Mam tpos na.po ako sa rejuv set kaso after.ilang days lng.may nagsulputan n namang pimples T_T ano naman po kaya pede kong gmitin na set

  117. HI! Breakouts, acne, pimples or zits that we called are commonly caused by foods we eat, cosmetics (makeupbrushes and makeup products) we use, our environment or hormonal imbalance. Kahit you just finished your treatment, it cannot guarantee you wont have pimples again, in my case after my first treatment, I experienced breakouts after a month again… then the next eight months ay super nag grabe pimples ko, you can refer to my photos here, Pls CLICK HERE. Then I decided to use rejuvenating set for the second time, and from then on pinakamaraming pimples na tumubo is dalawa nlng and nawawala rin agad. BTW, after treatment I use clarifying set na pero kapag nanotice ko na may new pimple na tumutubo, i use maxipeel exfoliant cream #2 agad then after two days, mag disappear na ung pimple….

  118. Im 15 yrs old at gumamit napo ako nagstart ako kahapon. Pimple marks nalang po kasi inaalis ko eh. Stop kona po ba? Sabi pp kasi 12 yrs old below hindi pa pwede kaya kala kopo pwede na sya sakin.

  119. it is indicated at the back of rejuvenating toner that this product is not recommended for pregnant, lactating mothers and children below 12 years old. You can still use, its your choice naman, use at your own risk nlng my dear. Pero I dont really suggest this treatment if super young pa ng skin like yours since I know how the treatment goes. You can consult a dermatologist to make sure.

  120. hello Lei, nice to read your blog.. thanks.. icheck ko lang kung okay lang na magsoap muna ako since di pa dumadating yung order ko na rejuv set then pafg dumating na saka ko start gamitin ang toner and creams.. spare lang kasi ng bestfriend ko yung soap.. thanks!

  121. nasa 2nd wk nako ng pag gamit ng rejuvinating set ok naman epekto sakin ask kolang hanggang 30 days lng b pede gmtn yung reju toner at bleach cream? yung kojic soap at sunblock hndi b pwede yun na gamitin ko pang araw araw sobra hiyang kase sakin…

  122. yes, you can only use the toner and cream for 30 days. On the other hand, you can still use the kojic acid soap and sunblock as your regular skin care routine even after the treatment 🙂

  123. Hi sis, I'm on my 2nd week of using the rejuvenating set. Normal lang ba na may naglalabasan na mga pimples? Maliliit lang sila pero marami lalo na sa chin ko at jaw. Naffrustrate na nga ako kasi feeling ko hindi effective sakin, though nag pepeel naman yung face ko and mapula sya. Please reply. Thank you sis!

  124. hello lei, just wondering if you were able to use their bleaching set for the body or glutathione set?.. what can you say about it?.. thanks in advance..

  125. hello lei, it's me again.. i am just so worried about my face.. i am working in a night shift.. i used before the rejuvenating cream during the day when i sleep and then sunblock during the night.. i know it's weird but lately i switched it in the right way.. sunblock in the morning and rejuvenating cream in the night even if it is so sticky i just put j&j powder.. what i noticed was upon applying the rejuvenating cream my face turns to red.. i'm on my 3rd week now.. i am just worried since i am already on my 3rd week but my skin near the ears / sideburns is still dark even if it already peeled off.. i am afraid i will not have an even skintone.. 🙁 can you advise when was the time that you achieved your even skintone?.. thanks again..

  126. Prior to your 3rd week, do you experience same amount of redness? We have different skin types so I cant guarantee you get the same effect like happened to mine. But I guess I know the sideburn looks like, if you have read my second blog post about rejuvenating set you will see I also experienced that. But it disappeared after almost a week of continuously using the treatment. I achieved even skintone right after the treatment. But in my sis' case, she had an uneven skin tone so she extended using the treatment and it got great results.

  127. Hi angeline! Did you checked if the rejuvenating treatment you are currently using are all original and not FAKE? You know its original if it has embossed PSCF at the bottom of the jars. Please check Rara FB page to check if yours is authentic.

  128. Hi ma'am ask ko lang po kung pwede na hindi ko gamitin ang soap hindi po ako hiyang sa kogic ngkakapimple ako pwede bang mas light ng konti msyado po kseng hard sa face ko ang kojic pwede po ba? Thanks godbless us 🙂

  129. hi lei, thanks for the quick response.. maybe i just noticed the redness of my face lately because i used the cream during the night wherein everybody can notice it.. before i used sunblock during the night so i think that's the reason why.. when you apply the cream after the toner your face will have its redness but if you will put the sunblock after the toner redness is not the same as with the cream .. i can see that my sideburns already peeling and looking good.. maybe i'll just extend the treatment.. by the way, in my sister's case, her face doesn't peel that much.. it seems that her face does micro peeling only.. maybe because she used other products before?.. the last products she used were eskinol derma clear c with dalacin-c + myra E and her soap was defensil.. again, thank you for your time..

  130. Hi Yel, yup that might caused the redness. Also, if you feel the treatment is not yet complete, you may extend until one to two weeks. I hope you also see great results after your treatment 🙂 *crossfingers*

    In the third time of using rejuv set. The peeling was not as obvious as the 2nd time but still delivered great results 🙂 Just like what happened to your sister, I only experienced micro peeling due to multiple times of using different skin care treatments.

  131. Hi Mary-ann! Its the user's choice naman what soap to use but I cannot 100% guarantee it will deliver a great result. I never tried using other soap kasi so I really dont have an idea, im sorry. It is always best to use the treatment using the kojic soap included in the set.

  132. redness at your 4th day is normal. The peeling depends on your skin, usually takes 15-25 days. You can also read the second blog post I made about my 2nd time using rejuv set if you have more questions. You can find the link at the bottom part of this blog post. Thanks

  133. Hi ate lei.. I would like to ask kung okay lang ba gumamit ng powder? kasi its my 3rd day pa tapos parang feeling ko ang oily ng skin ko pero sabi nila hindi naman daw.. Uhm, kunwari tapos na po ako sa rejuv set. ano po ang next step ate? and i would like to ask kung ano ba yung sabon na gamit mo sa body mo, pscf pa rin po ba?

  134. Yes it is okay to use powder, but I wanted to remind you na using powder may enhance the appearance of peeling on the next couple of days. Youre still on your first week, pero on your 5th day you will get to see the peeling on some parts of your face. Brace yourself, you'll see visible peeling very soon, Ouchie na, hihihi.

    After 30 days of using rejuv set, you can use clarifying set as maintenance. Then you can go back using rejuv again after another 30 days if you wish. 🙂

    Yes, I also tried using PSCF kojic soap and bleaching soap for my body. Both performed pretty well.

  135. Hi Angeline, based from my own experience, my skin did not experience redness with clarifying set.
    I always have redness around my nose, pero thats before I use clarifying set pa.

  136. hello lei, I am on my last week now however I noticed that I am having whiteheads and can't stop myself not to touch it.. why is it like that?.. I thought this will be gone but it seems it will just stay if I will not pop it.. have you tried their pimple/acne set?.. thanks..

  137. I believe this treatment cannot do much on white heads and blackheads, it's included in my two blog posts about rejuv set as well. However I dont pop whiteheads due to fear of having marks or even worst results. Up until now, whiteheads and blackheads are my problems, still finding products that can help. No, I havent tried their pimple set yet

  138. Hi ms. Leilani. Its my 2nd week of using the set. Normal lang ba na tubuan ulit ako ng pimple/s ? Nung 1st week nagkaron ako ng pimples. Then natuyo naman. Bago nanaman ngayong secondweek yung isa patuyo na pero may maliliit pa rin na parang bungang araw sa forehead ko. Is it normal?thanks

  139. Just continue using the treatment, you really cant tell if matatanggal o hindi unless dipa tapos treatment. In my experience, ang hindi natanggal ng treatment ay mga blackheads and whiteheads.

  140. hi lei, its me again.. 🙂
    just checking what was the result when you used the clarifying set?.. did it peel again?.. hehe.. i want to give it a try.. which one is better?.. the maintenance or the clarifying set?.. know what, i don't have that blackheads before but i am noticing that i am having it and also my sister and cousin.. i don't know if it because of the rejuvenating cream or toner or the sunblock.. 🙁 i am not sure which one of them clogs my pores.. but anyways hope you could find time to answer my question.. thanks a lot..

  141. hi lei, its me again.. 🙂
    just checking what was the result when you used the clarifying set?.. did it peel again?.. hehe.. i want to give it a try.. which one is better?.. the maintenance or the clarifying set?.. know what, i don't have that blackheads before but i am noticing that i am having it and also my sister and cousin.. i don't know if it because of the rejuvenating cream or toner or the sunblock.. 🙁 i am not sure which one of them clogs my pores.. but anyways hope you could find time to answer my question.. thanks a lot..

  142. In my own experience, I guess the clarifying set helped the pimples from coming back din. At the same time, I maintain a clean face din. AS i told in the the blog post, i still have blackheads and whiteheads after treatment, i believe you have to use other skincare products for blackheads problems, hahaha. With maintenance set, I honestly did not see any effect, good or bad. Parang wala lang. I recommend using clarifying set to help maintain the good results of rejuv set.

  143. Thanks for this blog, so informative. Hi Ms leilani, nasa 5th day of using rejuv na ako. Curious lang ako what if half month q lang xa gamitin or ung isang set lang ung ubusin q. Feeling q kase ang nipis ng skin q to complete the 30days treatment. Sobrang hapdi na kase. Hindi q alam kung kakayanin q pa. Huhuhu.. help me please. Thank you.

  144. hi Lei, thanks for the response.. i'm afraid to use the clarifying set since you said it helps the pimples to come back.. haha.. let me try it once or twice.. we'll see what will be the result.. did you use also the cream or just the toner only?.. my friends are using the rejuvenating set til now, they were already over a month – 2 months to be exact.. they have a glowing face.. i just don't like the redness that it gives to my face plus the blackheads.. so do you still use PSCF products now in your face?..

  145. now i am yet to use rejuvenating set again since I feel the effect of my last treatment were no longer there. hahah, but in fairness the pimples did not come back. Just in some occasion theres one or two bumps that appear but after I apply Maxipeel Exfoliant cream for three consecutive days, it will fade. I have to say Maxipeel exfoliant cream is also best in killing the pimples but doesnt have the same glow which rejuv set gives. In the long run, it is still the rejuv set that rescues my face from dullness and acne.

  146. Thanks my dear. The rejuvenating set treatment is good and recommended for 30 days, otherwise you will not get the best result. Tiis ganda tlga, it hurts tlga and sometimes it feels unbearable na pero thats part of the process.

  147. hi lei, did you peel in maxipeel exfoliant cream?.. how did you apply it, all over the face or just on the affected area?.. i already used the clarifying set tonight.. we'll see what will be the result.. hehe.. i want the rejuvenating set however parang ang nipis na ng skin ko eh.. 🙁

  148. Hello good day po Ms. Leilani. Pwede mag ask? Gumagamit po kasi ako ngyon ng rejuv set, 4th day ko pa lang po ngayon. Kaso sa 1st week of august yung PE namin, swimming. Natatakot po ako baka masunog mukha ko kasi diba po di pwede ma expose sa init yung mukha during treatment. Ano po pwede kong gawin?
    Saka ano pong pwede ilagay sa mukha para di halata yung redness? Sana masagot po questions ko.

  149. Helo po Lei. I'm super relieved after reading your blog. I'm on my 4th day today. The past 3 days parang ma paranoid ako sa kakaisip sa result ng rejuvinating set na to. I'm working in a hospital here in KSA and my colleagues laughs at me everytime they'll see my face (i felt like i'm the ugliest!) Glad that i can wear mask during duty, and doctors starts to wonder now why i'm not showing my face anymore. Anyway, I'm so excited to reach the 30th day. ^_^ Thanks for inspiring others. More power. <3

  150. Hi ms. Leilani

    Im using avene clearance gel k and grabe ung purging na ginawa nya sa face ko from mild acne-severe
    I understand the purging step lalo im in my 5days of using avene
    But im kinda mainipin pagdating sa pimple ko
    I hate when my face sobrang panget bcoz of acne hehehe
    Umorder po ako ng rejuv set ky rara g
    Is it ok na magshift ako sa rejuv set
    Or give time ko ung avene sa purging ng pimple ko?
    Sb ni ms. Rara g pwede ko daw ipagsabay ung rejuv set, on top of cream ung avene daw.
    Like reading ung blog nakabookmark nga po kau sa phone ko. Read ko all ur reply kc sa comment hehe

  151. Pls wear sunblock before sun exposure and reapply frequently especially after swimming and towelling to maintain protection. Also do not stay too long in the sun, even while using sunscreen. Redness can be covered up with iwhite cream, thats what I personally use.

  152. Hello po,on my 2nd day ngkaroon ako ng konting peeling then its my 8th day now nglabasan mga pimples ko but Wala p nman ung redness ng face pero makati ..bkit gnun

  153. Hello po..on my 2nd day ngpeel po CIA pero konti LNG magpepeel p rn po b CIA,and then pa 8th days q and my mga naglalabasan n mga pimples sken mukha normal LNG b un ..pero ung redness wala pa din nman.

  154. hi. during my first two weeks ok ang product. but now on my third week ng.break out ako. wala na ring peeling. .did you also experience break outs? and 2 months mo gnamit ang rejuv or nagmaintenace kana after using rejuv? your reply is greatly appreciated. thanks!

  155. Hi ate. Pang 3rd day ko na po gumagamit neto. Ask ko lang po kung normal lang na yung part sa may cheeks ko na nabalatan na eh dry? :/ Ang rough niya po kapag hinahawakan eh. Normal lang po ba yun? Reply po salamat 🙂

  156. Hello Ms. Leilani. 3rd week ko na po ngayon sa reju set. Tapos na rin po ang peeling. Kaso po, in the process, nagkaroon po ako ng mga pimples. May malaki (na may nana) at may maliliit. Pero gumaling na po yung iba, YUNG IBA. Naging pimple marks po sila sa bandang cheeks. Mawawala po ba yung mga marks at ibang pimples in the end? Help po.

  157. hmmm,,,ate ask lng po huh pang 26 days q n po kasing gamit ng rejuvenating set ok nman ung ibang part ng skin q makinis na,,but mayron paring mga pimples na tumutubo at ung pimple scar q maitim parin,.na worry na aq kasi malpit q ng matapos ang 1 month treatment hindi parin naalis ang scars at may pimples parin,.,..,.ano po baang dapat gamitin after ng rejuvenating set?para tuluyan ng maalis ang pimple scar at pimples???thank u sa blog niyo,,malaking tulong.,.,sana magreply kau.,.,

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