DIY: Old Dress Revamp Project

Holla ladies!
This post should have been posted last month but this BUSY BEE just got a lot of things lined up. However, I finally found time to post this. YIPEE! Nothing much actually, I just fond of PINTERESTING (is that even a word?) lately and I found a nice idea of how to revamp an old shirt. But what I did is I tried doing on my old dress that I really cannot stand to wear anymore. 

This supposed to be just a quick post on how I revamp my out of fashioned dress to a different style. So here it is!

This is how my dress looks like before when I bought it. It is taken more or less three years ago. 

All that you need is a sharp scissor. Just be careful not to cut yourself.ayt?

What I did I cut up the back of my dress. 
Cut horizontally with half an inch apart all the way down halfway.  I don’t like it deeper, but it is always up to you where to stop the cutting.
 I also slashed the sleeves to make it less formal. 

Tadaaa! See how it looks a lot less formal yet trendy? Sometimes I just pull the lower part up to transform into a trendy blouse.

I am so sorry thatt I cannot post how I did it step by step because I think it really shows on the picture how easy to do it. 

it really inspires me to do more DIYs.
there are a lot of ideas on my head actually, so you better wait for my upcoming more DIT posts. 
How about you, have you ever tried to revamp an old shirt or blouse into a 
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