Colour Collection BB Cream Review

Eversince the Koreans introduced BB Cream, I have been dying to try it. I wanna try different BB creams and look for the best BB cream for my skin type. When I heard that Tupperware PH released their BB Cream, I was so eager to go get myself one but I cannot find any Tupperware seller here in my area. A friend of mine who sells before deactivated her membership. I am so glad that my blogger friend Lhyzie, made it possible for me to try this Personal Collection BB cream!! Hopes UP! Thanks so much sis.

Let’s start the product review!!

Product: Colour Collection BB Cream Whitening
Availability: Tupperware PH Seller/Agent/Dealer
Price: (I got it FREE) Php 599.00/40 ml
Rating: 4.00/5.00

8 Skin Benefits

  • Whitens and brightens skin
  • Protects skin from ultra violet rays
  • Helps heal acne blemishes
  • Softens and hydrates dry skin
  • Promotes cell renewal
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Retains moisture
  • Aids in improving skin elasticity

Shake well before use. After moisturizing face, apply a pea-sized amount on forehead, apples of cheeks and chin. Blend well using fingers or sponge applicator.


  • 8 Skin Benefits (Already stated above)
  • Easy to blend.
  • Doesn’t make my skin oily after few hours.
  • Ingredients listed.
  • No break outs nor irritate my skin.


  • Not easily available. You need to look for an agent/seller/dealer to get one
  • If you have oily skin, you will tend to look shiny after 4 hours.


I am not sure, I still have more BB creams to consume.

Final Say:
It has a semi matte-finish on my skin. I just add my favorite face powder and I am good to go. I recommend this bb cream for everyday use. So far, I like how it performs on my skin. It can  hold the powder for longer hours than usual which is a huge plus because it saves me from touching up my powder  every now and then. The shade is just right for my skintone. A little goes a long way. Although it cannot make your zits invisible, atleast it gives the right coverage that doesnt make me look over done.You just need a pea-sized amount and it can already cover your whole face and neck. I have been using this BB cream for two weeks now and I don’t think I already consumed the half of it. I am happy with this product because you can already get the best out of your Php599.00. This is not my favorite BB cream, but I love using it!

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