November Collective Haul

How’s everyone? 
Well I just made this quick post to show my collective haul for the month of November. I won several giveaways on October, Yay very lucky ME! The prizes were arrived to me on November. So, here you will see most of the prizes I received together with my November purchases.
Okay, enough of the talking, here they are!

Caronia is my most favorite nail polish brand. 98% of my nail polishes are Caronia, When I got the chance to go to the supermarket, I cannot help it but sneaked in two bottles.

Fake eyelashes, these is one great steal! Believe me! Girls, these falsies are just my favorite, I really love it. This is just the ordinary falsies you can buy along the street vendors on the supermarkets. They sell it for Php 25.00 ($0.40)/pair. It actually comes with an eyelash adhesive that just went straight on the trash since no human can ever make use of it. But this falsies is one of my most loved product ever since I tried it on.

This Shiseido Ibuki package I received from Mr.Rodel Flordeliz. if you are watching UNTV you can see him there. You can also visit his blog to know more about him here.

This is my latest Watson’s haul. It could have been in a different post but this lazy chic just included here. Still, its part of my Novemeber haul. hihi 😀 

Thanks a lot Misha for this! I gave the two masks to my mom, and the two left for me to use. I am going to post a review about those Hayan masks ladies so stay tuned for that! Visit her blog and join her ongoing giveaways here

All of these items are my prizes from Lhyzie. I blogged about the prizes I have received from her. Read here  

Thanks so much for this lovely lipstick organizer Zwitsy! Read my post about this prize I received from Zwitsy Mae Yuson here

L’Oreal Eyeshadows. I have received this from a friend. 

That’s it! And yeah I know that’s a lot. I just happened to be so lucky and blessed the past few months. HIHI =D

I hope you also join my ongoing giveaway here

I love reading haul posts, so if you are a blogger, pls link down on the comment box your link so I can show you some love. 

Thanks for dropping by!

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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