Sample Room Haul 1

This is my very first Sample Room Haul although it has been more than six months since I registered to their website. You might wonder why. It is just I either don’t find the previous products appealing, or if I like a featured product, my points are not enough to compensate. 

When I saw the SkinWhite Lotion, I hurriedly grab the chance to get it since I have enough points for the two lotions. So, I will just wait til I finish my current lotion then I am going to use this lotion and post a review about it. And the remaining points, I used to get Moringa 02 Herbal Facial Toner which I also like to try since I have heard that it has a lot of skin benefits.

So, that’s it for my first ever Sample Room Haul. 

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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