Affordable Makeup Brush: PAGANINI

Last month, as I was looking around for stuffs to buy as Xmas presents, I have stumbled to this cute set of brushes. When I checked the price, Oh my very cheap! Tagged Php105.00 for a set of 5-pcs brushes. Such a steal! The brand name, Paganini is stranger to me, this the very first time I have encountered this brand. As I was looking around the bstall, I have learned that Paganini also sells hair accessories and mirrors.

I also like the gray handle. I opened the brush set and the softness of the brushes were pretty decent. Without any hesitation, I put the 5pc brush set right away in my shopping basket. This brand also sells individual makeup brushes.

 I also saw this one small angled shadow brush. I really prefer smaller handle for my eyeshadow brushes so I could make easier grip. Tagged Php56.00 for a soft mini angled eyeshadow brus, not bad at all. 

 I am having a bit of hard time on brushes with long and thick handle. I use this set when I washed the brushes I regularly use.

When I first washed the small brush, there was not even a little shedding. I remember there were few shedding on the brush set but very minimal. Not a big thing though. 

I like how these brushes glide and feel on my skin, very soft and you can get the money you pay for. I recommend this brushes for beginners in makeup or if you were just looking for an affordable brush which you can abuse on everyday basis.

Are you familiar with the brand name PAGANINI?  

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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  1. Just bought it a while ago and yes, the brush is really soft and gentle to my skin. i love it 🙂 Glad i see ur review about this. Good job !

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