REVIEW: Hayan Auto Eyebrow in 001

I bought this last year however, I just started using lately since the color of my hair is quite fading and going back to darker color. This is not the first Hayan Korea product that I have used since I have been using Hayan Korea masks for months now. I so love that facial mask that gives me a very great impression about their products.Eyebrow pencil is one of my makeup kit staples that is why I decided to try Hayan Korea’s eyebrow pencil.

What I like:
Dual ended purpose
Brush at the other end
Smudge proof
Durable packaging

What I don’t like:
Not that creamy formulation which could be PRO for girls who doesn’t like creamy formulation
Not long wear.

If you have an oily skin, this might not work for you because it has a tendency to easily swiped out by sweat.
You may need to use a base makeup or cream that could hold up makeup. In my experience, I needed few times of applying before the color shows up without makeup base or foundation. If you have an oily face, the staying power of this eyebrow product could be your dilemma. If I have an oily face, I should bring this with me wherever I go most especially on a humid weather.

I usually use this when I am at home since most of the day, I really like my eyebrows done. It could be a perfect eyebrow liner to create a natural looking eyebrows because of its shade and not creamy formulation. You can easily create a technique on how to make your eyebrow look so natural because of its non creamy texture. I am glad I tried this although i don’t see myself using this on a long term basis because I keep changing my hair color.

I’d rather buy the other shade that could match the color of my hair (if I pursue to dye my hair)

You can purchase this on any Hayan Korea counters/stores. They also have resellers, I bought mine from Ms.Winnie for only Php120.00.

What is your favorite eyebrow product?

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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