My 72 Eyeshadow Blush Palette from Romwe

I got too excited when someone from the post office texted me that I got a package to claim. I was really expecting it to be the palette that I ordered from Romwe using my free coupon. I used my free coupon to buy a lipstick and this 72 eyeshadow blush palette. I know it should only take about 20 days or less to receive the items but I waited for more than one month. Geez,it made me more excited to put my hands on this palette. 

Now, it’s finally here, look at the pretty shades. I am glad there is nothing broken and everything is in great condition when this arrived. All those day that I patiently waiting hs totally been paid off. Tell me I am shallow, but it really made me so happy to own this kind of palette. It also means my makeup collection is growing! 

Less thn 15 eyeshadow shades are powdery but most shades are very pigmented. It looks fun that I can play with it and try different looks out of the bunch of shades. Another con about this palette, some shades have a lot of fall outs.

For the blushes, I like the first blush, I use as a highlighter. It lasts pretty long. The blushes have decent pigmentation. All shades I could obviously use are the first, 3rd, 4th and 5th. I really never used pink blush, never compliments my morena skin.

I think the mirror is too small, i hope they would have made it a bit bigger. It has two sponge applicators which I think are very useless. I prefer using brushes so I could easily put and blend when I put on the eyeshadows.

I have done a lot of eotd’s already but my bad, all my photos were accidentally deleted. I felt unlucky that day. All my files were gone. But I needed to move on and just forget what happened to be able to start again. I think I could make better eotd’s now and I can’t wait to share with you guys. 

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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