Rejuvenating Set Review: My Second Time!

Last November, I received an early Christmas gift from Rara of Rara G Skin Necessities. It was so timely that she sent me two rejuvenating sets because for the past 10 months, I have been suffering from breakouts. Pimples and acne, I felt my whole face was a disaster. There are also a bunch of blackheads on my nose and whiteheads below my lips. I was really planning to purchase Professional Skin Caree Formula by Dr. Alvin rejuvenating set from Rara G hoping it will help resolve my skin problem. It was October 2013 when I initially tried this rejuvenating treatment which I purchased from Rara G. For those of you who are curious, here is the link of my review as a 1st timer in using this rejuvenating set. And now after 12 months, I would like to share to you my experience on using the same skin treatment for the second time in my life.

The whole rejuvenating treatment process can only last for 30 days. As you may have noticed, the packaging are different from my first blog post review but don’t worry because it still has the same formulation. What I got is the old packaging, below is the photo of the NEW PACKAGING of Professional skin care rejuvenating set:

This is the NEW Packaging.

FYI, the new packaging has letters PCSF embossed at the bottom of the jar. If your PCSF creams don’t have the embossed PCSF, it’s FAKE.

My Experience:

1st day:
Tingling sensation all over my face upon using the kojic soap and continues as I apply the rejuvenating toner. Skin feels dry.

3rd day:
You know it has started to work, skin feels dry and skin is tighter which is felt most especially when I smile. And OH MY at the scary part, OUCHY when water touches my skin. Ouchier when I wash with kojic soap and applied the toner and bleaching cream.

5th day:
Skin on some parts of my starts to face peel off. Most commonly on areas around my mouth and eyes. My skin looks a bit darker than usual on some parts of my face. Burning feeling is till there whenever I wash my face. It feels itchy but trying my best not to scratch. Look what happened when I accidentally scratched my face.

9th day:
Skin on the nose part peels off. At some small areas of my face, I can see lighter and smoother skin peeking through which excites me so much. Can’t wait to see the result of this treatment. However, there are three new pimples appeared!

12th day:
I thought the peeling on my nose area and around my mouth is done but it is peeling off again. So, it is the second peeling in a row during this treatment.

3rd week: The treatment is almost done. My skin is so much smoother and lighter. The pimples? All GONE! Some blemishes were gone while the darker blemishes became lighter. This momma is impressed! So excited to flaunt my pimple free face.

4th week: Everyone were impressed. Done with the treatment and my skin feels amazing. No pain, no gain. They all know how my skin looks like before I started the skin treatment and they can’t believe I achieved a radiant and smoother skin in just a short period of time. All those skin peeling, painful days on the 1st and 2nd week really paid off. Just like after my first time of using rejuvenating set, it did not made the blackheads and whiteheads disappeared.

Reaction I get from random people:
“Uy kadarating mo lang?” I was like clueless. “San bansa ka kasi galing?”
“Kelan ka pa dumating? Ganda ng kutis mo ah!”
“Ganyan pag galing abroad, ganda ng kutis.”
“Anong gamit mo sa mukha mo?”
“te, pano matanggal pimples at kuminis ang face?”

Random people who havent seen me in a while mistaken me of just recently coming back from overseas. Seriously? That explains how satisfied I am with the result. Thanks so much Rara G for the opportunity to try your rejuvenating set for the second time! I should say that I am more satisfied with the result this time than the first time result which was more than a year ago.


Since I have been receiving a bunch of questions eversince I posted my first review, I came up with a list of tips for current rejuvenating set users or for those who are planning to try this treatment.

1. Good thing I received two sets because within the 30 days treatment, I was able to all used up the first set (except the soap) until the 3rd week. Mabuti nang may backup para sure ball na makumpleto ang treatment.

2. I am born practical, always tagtipid. πŸ™‚ Cut the soap into three parts for longer usage. Believe me this is proven and tested.

3. Use a sunblock cream with higher SPF if you are gonna go out. Our weather here in the Philippines is too humid most especially during summer. I suggest to wear higher SPF 30-50 when outside your home just to be sure your skin is properly protected. However, if you are just chilling inside your home, the sunblock that comes with the set which has spf15 is enough.

4. Because the product is working on the deepest part of your skin to release all the dirt and to renew your skin, your face is gonna be itchy. Try your best not to scratch to prevent skin damage. I accidentally scratched my face however, the product helped out to prevent from leaving a scar.

5. Consume as recommended which is twice a day ONLY. Dont go beyond. Some thinks that using the set more than twice daily will show faster result which is FALSE. Infact, it might damage your face in the long run.

6. Some girls were asking for recommendations of what foundation or powder to use to hide the visibility of peeling and redness going on the face during the treatment because it is sometimes kind of annoying when people start to notice. “Anong nangyari sa mukha mo?”
Most probably, foundations and powders will just emphasize the peeling and results to more noticeable condition. I only use iWhite Facial Cream with spf (Read my review HERE) and I don’t set it with powder. I love this product because it helps a lot to hide the peeling going on during the treatment.

7. Refrain from using other skincare products during the treatment most especially facial scrub, anti-acne products and exfoliating cream. They might not go together with the rejuvenating set, you don’t wanna harm your face, do you?

8. Don’t neglect your neck! It’s much better to see your face and neck at the same color.

9. A lot were asking why it feels itchy and is it normal? Itchiness and redness are normal, its your skin reaction to the product. I don’t wanna go on to the scientific explanation, but as you know the rejuvenating treatment is said to renew and process from the deepest part of your skin to deliver faster results.

10. Don’t complain. The treatment is supposed to be painful most especially if you are a first time user. The second/third time is not as critical as the first though.

11. Yes, your skin feels tight and it’s normal. Almost like it could crack when you smile or do other facial expressions. Don’t worry, it won’t last a week. The product is working on the topmost part of your skin and after few days it will peel off to reveal a new, fresh skin.

12. Don’t expect this rejuvenating set will clear your blackheads and whiteheads. It did made my skin brighter and made it look a lot better but the blackheads on my nose and whiteheads below my lips were still there.

My Bare Face. Look at the improvement most especially on the problem areas.

Β For orders, you can contact Rara G

Contact number:
09173257673 / 09295201102

Reminder: Please beware of fakes. There are so many fake rejuvenating set claiming they are manufactured by Professional Skin Care by Dr.Alvin. Buy only from legit and certified sellers/distributors.Β 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Although I receive the product for FREE, I was not obliged to post a review. I decided to post my experience as a second time user of rejuvenating set for my readers who are current users or those who are planning to use rejuvenating set. I hope this review is helpful in some ways.

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!


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