Rejuvenating Set Review: My Second Time!

Last November, I received an early Christmas gift from Rara of Rara G Skin Necessities. It was so timely that she sent me two rejuvenating sets because for the past 10 months, I have been suffering from breakouts. Pimples and acne, I felt my whole face was a disaster. There are also a bunch of blackheads on my nose and whiteheads below my lips. I was really planning to purchase Professional Skin Caree Formula by Dr. Alvin rejuvenating set from Rara G hoping it will help resolve my skin problem. It was October 2013 when I initially tried this rejuvenating treatment which I purchased from Rara G. For those of you who are curious, here is the link of my review as a 1st timer in using this rejuvenating set. And now after 12 months, I would like to share to you my experience on using the same skin treatment for the second time in my life.

The whole rejuvenating treatment process can only last for 30 days. As you may have noticed, the packaging are different from my first blog post review but don’t worry because it still has the same formulation. What I got is the old packaging, below is the photo of the NEW PACKAGING of Professional skin care rejuvenating set:

This is the NEW Packaging.

FYI, the new packaging has letters PCSF embossed at the bottom of the jar. If your PCSF creams don’t have the embossed PCSF, it’s FAKE.

My Experience:

1st day:
Tingling sensation all over my face upon using the kojic soap and continues as I apply the rejuvenating toner. Skin feels dry.

3rd day:
You know it has started to work, skin feels dry and skin is tighter which is felt most especially when I smile. And OH MY at the scary part, OUCHY when water touches my skin. Ouchier when I wash with kojic soap and applied the toner and bleaching cream.

5th day:
Skin on some parts of my starts to face peel off. Most commonly on areas around my mouth and eyes. My skin looks a bit darker than usual on some parts of my face. Burning feeling is till there whenever I wash my face. It feels itchy but trying my best not to scratch. Look what happened when I accidentally scratched my face.

9th day:
Skin on the nose part peels off. At some small areas of my face, I can see lighter and smoother skin peeking through which excites me so much. Can’t wait to see the result of this treatment. However, there are three new pimples appeared!

12th day:
I thought the peeling on my nose area and around my mouth is done but it is peeling off again. So, it is the second peeling in a row during this treatment.

3rd week: The treatment is almost done. My skin is so much smoother and lighter. The pimples? All GONE! Some blemishes were gone while the darker blemishes became lighter. This momma is impressed! So excited to flaunt my pimple free face.

4th week: Everyone were impressed. Done with the treatment and my skin feels amazing. No pain, no gain. They all know how my skin looks like before I started the skin treatment and they can’t believe I achieved a radiant and smoother skin in just a short period of time. All those skin peeling, painful days on the 1st and 2nd week really paid off. Just like after my first time of using rejuvenating set, it did not made the blackheads and whiteheads disappeared.

Reaction I get from random people:
“Uy kadarating mo lang?” I was like clueless. “San bansa ka kasi galing?”
“Kelan ka pa dumating? Ganda ng kutis mo ah!”
“Ganyan pag galing abroad, ganda ng kutis.”
“Anong gamit mo sa mukha mo?”
“te, pano matanggal pimples at kuminis ang face?”

Random people who havent seen me in a while mistaken me of just recently coming back from overseas. Seriously? That explains how satisfied I am with the result. Thanks so much Rara G for the opportunity to try your rejuvenating set for the second time! I should say that I am more satisfied with the result this time than the first time result which was more than a year ago.


Since I have been receiving a bunch of questions eversince I posted my first review, I came up with a list of tips for current rejuvenating set users or for those who are planning to try this treatment.

1. Good thing I received two sets because within the 30 days treatment, I was able to all used up the first set (except the soap) until the 3rd week. Mabuti nang may backup para sure ball na makumpleto ang treatment.

2. I am born practical, always tagtipid. πŸ™‚ Cut the soap into three parts for longer usage. Believe me this is proven and tested.

3. Use a sunblock cream with higher SPF if you are gonna go out. Our weather here in the Philippines is too humid most especially during summer. I suggest to wear higher SPF 30-50 when outside your home just to be sure your skin is properly protected. However, if you are just chilling inside your home, the sunblock that comes with the set which has spf15 is enough.

4. Because the product is working on the deepest part of your skin to release all the dirt and to renew your skin, your face is gonna be itchy. Try your best not to scratch to prevent skin damage. I accidentally scratched my face however, the product helped out to prevent from leaving a scar.

5. Consume as recommended which is twice a day ONLY. Dont go beyond. Some thinks that using the set more than twice daily will show faster result which is FALSE. Infact, it might damage your face in the long run.

6. Some girls were asking for recommendations of what foundation or powder to use to hide the visibility of peeling and redness going on the face during the treatment because it is sometimes kind of annoying when people start to notice. “Anong nangyari sa mukha mo?”
Most probably, foundations and powders will just emphasize the peeling and results to more noticeable condition. I only use iWhite Facial Cream with spf (Read my review HERE) and I don’t set it with powder. I love this product because it helps a lot to hide the peeling going on during the treatment.

7. Refrain from using other skincare products during the treatment most especially facial scrub, anti-acne products and exfoliating cream. They might not go together with the rejuvenating set, you don’t wanna harm your face, do you?

8. Don’t neglect your neck! It’s much better to see your face and neck at the same color.

9. A lot were asking why it feels itchy and is it normal? Itchiness and redness are normal, its your skin reaction to the product. I don’t wanna go on to the scientific explanation, but as you know the rejuvenating treatment is said to renew and process from the deepest part of your skin to deliver faster results.

10. Don’t complain. The treatment is supposed to be painful most especially if you are a first time user. The second/third time is not as critical as the first though.

11. Yes, your skin feels tight and it’s normal. Almost like it could crack when you smile or do other facial expressions. Don’t worry, it won’t last a week. The product is working on the topmost part of your skin and after few days it will peel off to reveal a new, fresh skin.

12. Don’t expect this rejuvenating set will clear your blackheads and whiteheads. It did made my skin brighter and made it look a lot better but the blackheads on my nose and whiteheads below my lips were still there.

My Bare Face. Look at the improvement most especially on the problem areas.

Β For orders, you can contact Rara G

Contact number:
09173257673 / 09295201102

Reminder: Please beware of fakes. There are so many fake rejuvenating set claiming they are manufactured by Professional Skin Care by Dr.Alvin. Buy only from legit and certified sellers/distributors.Β 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Although I receive the product for FREE, I was not obliged to post a review. I decided to post my experience as a second time user of rejuvenating set for my readers who are current users or those who are planning to use rejuvenating set. I hope this review is helpful in some ways.

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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  1. 5days na ko gumagamit namumula face ko ngayon parang nasunburn at makati.. Normal lng ba to? saka straight30days mo bang ginamit yung rejuv set wla kabang laktaw kht 1day? Hapdi kc pagnilalagyan toner ungsa my part ng pimples e

  2. Clarifying set whitens dark spots. While 8 in 1 Maintenance set is recommended to use after rejuv treatment for maintenance. You can use either clarifying set or 8 in 1 maintenance set.

  3. I never skipped kasi I can endure naman the whole treatment process sis. As I have said sa blog post, itchiness and redness is normal while using the treatment. If it is your first time to use rejuv set, the peeling is intense most especially pag maraming dead skin cells.

  4. Pang9thday ko na ngayon namumula pa din face ko.. natuyo na mga pimples ko pero parang my mga lumabas nmn na parang mga whiteheads.. Normal lng ba to? Ngyari din ba sayo to? Hanggang kelan mawawala ung hapdi? Kasi uptonow pagnaghihilamos at toner ako hapdi pa din e kelangan pa tumutok sa fan hahaha! add kita sa fb kung ok lng?

  5. ganyan din ako sis when I was using the treatment for the first time, sa harap ng fan. The trick is mabilisang pag apply and hindi paunti unti kasi mas mafefeel ung hapdi pag paunti unti. hahaha if that makes sense. On your third week dapat na lessen na yung hapdi.

  6. Ako din gnyan..supeeer hapdi. Pang 6th day ko na pero bkit kaya prng mejo mkpal at matigas ung npepeel n skin at mejo dikit xa prng nga kaliskis? Ska ung part n my pimples e super red? Thank u

  7. May part ng face ko na mejo mkapal ang nagpeel. Most especially ung part ng nascratch ko. OO sis ung part na may pimples mejo red sakin. Avoid scratching ur face. Alwasy use sunblock for protection din πŸ™‚

  8. Hello po…kailangan po bang 2-5 mins ang paglather ng kojic soap? Sobrang hdi po so mga 30 minutes lang kaya ko. Ika 8th day ko po bukas pro sa neck ko namumula parin at mahapdi. Parang mga mapulang birthmark. Ganito po ba talaga?

  9. Hello po… Dapat po ang 2-5 mins ang pglather ng kojic soap sa race? 30 mins lang po kasi kaya ko sobrang hapdi. At yung toner po minsan i just blot it o press it sa face kasi pagpinahid mahapdi rin. Ika8 th day ko po bukas pro ang saneck ko maraming namumula prang birthmark na mga pula. Normal lng po ba to? Sure rin po namnna legit ang binilhan ko

  10. I cant stand the soap to sit on my face for more than 15 sec, hahaha. I wash it away with water right away. as what i have written on this post, the redness is very normal. I almost gave up using it because of the pain but I am glad I did not stop. However, if you feel that it became too itchy and burnt your face too much, please stop using and consult your derma

  11. bevy
    Hi po mis Lei, ika 15th day ko na po okay ang result although my redness pro keri pa rin for the sake na kuminis, ask lang kase ika 14th nako nag soap nang kojic okay lang po ba yun nd mka apekto sa skin? tea tree soap kase una ginamit ko. thank you advise nmn po πŸ™‚ and im 17 years old ty πŸ™‚

  12. you said you are already on ur 15th day.did you experience visible peeling? You can continue with the kojic na pero sana nagstart ka sa kojic at the first day of using the treatment.

  13. Hi po ms Lei. Im using rejuv, pang 6th ko na po ngayon. Nung first day ko po parang normal lang po then after naging dry po face ko tapos nagiging dark. Normal po ba yun? tapos po nagkakapimples po ako sa part ng nose at lower lip i know normal lang po yun 2days lang po tumatagal yung pimples then after nagiging dry na tapos wala na. ang pinagtataka ko lang po after po mawala nung pimples ko ih meron nanaman po w/c is ngayon po sa lower lip kakatapos lang po nung sa nose? normal po ba yun. Tapos po konti konti lang po yung peeling saken. Di din po masyadong nag appear saken ang redness. Dko din po naexpi yung kapag nattouch ng water yung face mahapdi. tsaka lang po mahapdi kapag nilagyan ng sabon then sunod toner na mas mahapdi :3 Normal po ba lahat yun? Yung face ko po pala maputi naman po kaso may mga acne marks at nippimples po ako minsan. i tried many anti acne products pero walei padin nagkakapimples padin po ako. so i tried rejuv kasi po yung friend ko gumamit nito ngayon po sobrang kinis at puti nya na po.Thanks Ms Lei. Anyway Im so amazed sa blog mo po very informative at di po kayo suplada type πŸ™‚

  14. thanks for reading my blog, i am happy to receive comments from my readers. Yup normally konti konting peeling lang ang visible on the first week. Brace yourself for more peeling and hapdi on your second week, hihihi. Yes, lahat naman ng naeexperience mo on your 6th day are normal, nothing to worry. May I ask, what brand of rejuvenating set are you using?

  15. Professional skin care formula by Dr.Alvin. binili ko po sya sa bagong open lang dito samen. Medyo nagalangan nga po ako baka fake yun pero dun din po bumili yung friend ko na gumamit din ng rejuv for the second time. Thankyou po ms Lei nawala po yung pagaalangan ko πŸ™‚

  16. Hi mag one month na ako gumagamit nito medyo may epekto naman sa akin. Pero nag kakapimples pa rin ako at meron pa rin un blemishes. Ganu kaya katagal ko gamitin eto para mawala pimples at blemishes ko. Thank you so much

  17. hi lei, pang 7day q n pag gmit ng reju now pero nung 5thday q dn muna q gmamit ng toner kc sobra pulang pula na i know nmn n gnun pero mdyo lumubo kc face q kya stop muna s toner,,, i use sunblock and bleaching pti ung soap. ilang days b tlga xa bgo ma achve, xcited lng aq na gumanda ang skin…

  18. during my first time using the treatment, i experienced the same πŸ™‚ But on my second time, it helped to control the pimples from coming back. You can use the treatment again after 45-60 days.

  19. Hi! normally, on the third week makikita mo na makinis ung part ng face mo na tapos na magpeel. on your fourth week tlga makikita ang result. Just make sure you follow the direction. πŸ™‚ Yup if you feel na you need to stop using toner, just do it. Iba iba rin kasi skin type natin.

  20. Ask ko lang nag ppabreastfeed ksi ko so gumamit ako ng rejuvenating set . Pang 2nd week q na sbi nila itigil q daw ksi nag bbreastfeed nga ako ok lang ba itigil ko sya kaagad? lalo ngayon na nagbabalat yung mukha at tnutubuan ako pimples? pano ko sya istop agad sis . At pano mawala agad ang pagbabalat habang hndi na ginagamit ang rejuv.set please sis i need your answer

  21. To be honest, I am also a BF mom but I dont promote using astringents during BF. I remember I read on a forum that topical applications are fine because they don't enter the milk. Just make sure you do not apply anywhere near the breasts. But for my baby's safety, I tried to research if any of the ingredients is risky for my baby and I find them moderately safe. However, it is your call if you will stop it or not. Better yet, consult a professional to learn more about this matter.
    If you will choose to stop it, dont worry, it will not make your skin condition worse. If you stop using the product, your skin will just go back to it's original condition prior using the treatment.

  22. Hi po leilani tanung ko lng po. Pg bgo palng ako gagamit ng rejuv. Anung set yung una kung gagamtin. Dba ibaiba yung nka lagay sa pouch. Klangan ba may sundin. O kahit anu pwdi kuna agad gamtn.

  23. Hello po. Leilani. Tanung ko lng po kng gagamt po ako ng rejuv. Anu yung una kung gagamtin. Iba iba po ba yung mga cream at toner. May klangan po bang sundin na pag kasund sund. Napg gamt.

  24. hi. miss leilani, nabasa ko yung blog mo about sa rejuvenating set, gumagamit ako ngayon actually pang 4thday ko na, tapos yung skin ko para syang mapula na brown, hindi naman sya mahapdi sa balat, everytime nga na naghihilamos ako hindi ko maramdaman, parang makapal yung balat ko ganun, ask ko lang sana kung normal yun?, napapansin din sa bahay na parang nasusunog daw muka ko. normal po ba yun?. thank you ο»Ώ

  25. yup okay lang.. ung lumang packaging ng professional skin care sunblock cream. Pero ngayong bagong packaging na gel cream. its okay kahit ano sa dalawa ang gamitin mo

  26. Hi mam. Normal lng po ba ang pamamaga ng face on the first week? Sa 3rd week po ba wala na ang pamumula?

  27. hi tapos na ako sa 30 days na rejuvenating, pero parang bumalik ulit mga pimples ko pag may period ako. normal lang ba un. tapos gumamit ako ng 8 in 1 maintenance parang walang epekto sa akin.

  28. Hi miss Lei
    Im a first timer na maggamit ng rejuvenating set and I experienced all the feeling s you stated in ur blog pero ask ko lang po now im on my 3rd week na po may prang maliliit na tumubo sa mukha ko tas pag sinsabon ko po xa humahapdi and one more pa po bat tong leeg ko prang nasunog kaya hininto ko na po ang pag appky sa leeg
    Sa face ko po normal po b un na may lumabas dapat ko pa po bang ituloy o ihinto na
    Hoping for your reply
    Thank you po

  29. hi sis! im on my 4th day of using rejuv set. buti nakita ko tong blog mo kasi malapit nako magpanic dahil sobrang hapdi at kati at parang nasusunog na skin ko (sabi mo nga normal naman pala) kaso night shift ako and di ako comfortable sa balat ko ngayon lalo sa liwanag ng ilaw sa office. lahat napapansin ung peeling and redness of my face! i'm just wondering kung ok lang ba magliquid foundation on top of the bleaching cream? di ba mawawala ung effect? and ano pa kaya pwede ilagay para di nmn maxado visible ung peeling and redness? nakakaconcious na tlga sobra. thanks a lot!

  30. I experience pimples appearing on the second week and thats normal, pero if there are other unusual na tumubo sa face mo, i suggest you to stop using the product, what works for others might not work for everyone. You have made the right move to skip on applying the treatment on your face, usually kasi mas nagpapawis neck and batok natin kaya nai-irritate

  31. its okay to use cosmetics while using the treatment, doesnt have any relevant effect on the treatment, however, powders and foundations might make the peeling more visible. I use iwhite whitening cream and I apply it using a wet sponge, it doesnt emphasize the peeling. less visible compared to using foundations.

  32. Hi . 5days na ako gumagamit ng rejuv then super pula ng muka ko normal lang ba yun? or may signs ba na pwedeng masunog face ko even na hindi naman ako lumalabas ng bahay? summer ngayon grabe init . aware lang ako nung mga 2day nag peel sya as in buong muka binalatan ko then may ibang part na nangingitim , tapos nangitim sya super pula normal po ba yon ? thank you po .

  33. Yup normal po redness. Pwede po masunog face if:
    1. You did not apply sunblock and stayed under the sun
    2. if you use the toner and cream for more than twice a daily.

    Advice ko rin po, dont peel it off, hayaan nyo po kusang magbalat face nyo, kumbaga wag nyo po pwersahin agad, just wait til the treatment is over, for sure you will experience peeling on your entire face.

  34. Normal po ba ung namumula na prang brown?pang 6th day ko na po..ok lng din po ba bakbakin ung nagbabalat na part?thanks

  35. Hi, πŸ™‚ please read the blog post, wag po babalatan kasi kusa po magbabalat face nyo πŸ™‚ Redness is normal, look at the photos for reference how my face looks like during treatment πŸ™‚

  36. Hi miss Lei just like to ask kung pwede pa po bang mag continue ng rejuv set kahit 30 days na, hindi pa kasi ubos yung toner & bleaching cream ko. I apply thinly lang kasi and once a day lang ng toner dahil sobrang hapdi talaga

  37. hi miss leilani ask ko lang po kung normal lang po ba ung sobrang kati ng face ? pang 6th days ko na po ngayon ng pag gamit ng rejuv. set . hanggang Kailan po ba mawawala ung hapdi at kati sa pag apply ng soap ,toner and creams? Ty πŸ™‚

  38. you need to reapply sunblock every after 3 hours to make sure your skin is well protected. okay lang gamitin ang soap 3x/day. just dont use the rejuvenating cream and toner 3x because that is beyond the allotted usage.

  39. Hello,

    gumamit din ako ng rejuvenating set natapos ko na ung first set ko.. ask ko lang kung paano mo malalaman kung fake sya kasi ung unang set ko nakalagay sa bleaching cream.. ung second set ko naman nakalagay na rejuvenating cream… parehas lang ba ang laman nun? please advise

  40. actually what you may have used before is the old packaging and ang kasama sa rejuvenating set that time is bleaching cream.., The new and improved packaging replaced the bleaching cream with rejuvenating cream..
    Make sure to buy from trusted sellers like Rara

  41. hello sis, im on my 12th day of using this rejuv. set.. wala man akong masyadong peeling na naeexperience unlike the others.. ang peeling ko lang na visible is in my upper and lowerlip.. normal lang ba to? im afriad na hindi nag eeffect sakn to kasi wala masyadong peeling..

  42. micro peeling is not always obvious, in some parts of my face, i did not noticed the peeling but it improved just the same like other parts na nakita kong tlgang nag peel. Also, make sure you use original products and follow the directions. πŸ™‚

  43. Hi po mag ask ko lang po kase ika 2nd week ko n gumagamit ng rejuvinating pero hindi p din nag peel off , namula pero di din gaano, im afraid n di umeepekto sa akin, pero na notice ko pumuputi snd face ko at yung brown spot nag fafade, possible ba po na umepekto yung rejuvinating without peeling off sa skin…tnks maam…

  44. we have different skin reactions depending on the condition of our skin. in your case, theres no visible peeling, you might have used treatment before. But dont worry, if you see positive results, it means the treatment is taking place. πŸ™‚

  45. Hi po. Just wanna ask. It's been 5 days since naguse ako ng rejuvenating set. April 22 ng gabi ako nagsimula. And now patagal ng patagal sobrang humahapdi even though after kong maghilamos at maglagay ng toner at cream. And that burning and redness in my face. At yung nagtitight yung mukha ko, sa tuwing ngumingiti or kumakain ako ang sakit ibuka ng bibig ko. Ang sakit sa pisngi. Normal lang po ba yun? :3

  46. Brace yourself for a week more of redness and hapdi kasi part tlga yan ng treatment. πŸ™‚ Your skin feels tight at the first week until the second week. Please read the blog post, you will learn a lot. πŸ™‚

  47. Ow. Thanks Miss Lei! πŸ™‚ Actually I was reading your blog many days na cause I'm really curious at minsan gusto ko nang tigilan. Miske fam ko. But sabi mo nga po “NO PAIN NO GAIN” Kaya tinitiis tiis ko na lang din yung hapdi. Thanks for your blog Miss Lei! Sobrang nakakahelp at nakakapush forward to do and wait for it. God bless po. 😊

  48. Hi Miss Lei pagka naka 30 days na po ba ano mas magandang gamitin Clarifying set or Maintenance set? Ano po pinagkaibahan nung dalawang yun? Thanks in advance po. πŸ™‚

  49. 8in1 maintenance set, if maputi at makinis na as in wala ng problem sa skin, need lang magmaintain. Pag naman may mga pimple marks pa, clarifying set naman. Pag namn malalaki pores sa face, pore refining naman dapat na gamitin.

  50. Hi po…just wana ask kung anong ggmtn n effectv if evr ntpos na ang 30 days of treatmnt? Im on my 10th days. Npncn ko d n mxdong red pg gumt ng soap and d mxdo mhpdi pero pgngtoner and cream dun xa ngrered n nmn .wt i also noticed ngclabasan ang pimples ko my ibang lumiit nmn pro m prty xur d nwwla ung mrks.:( my prt dn ng face ko na smooth sa my leeg..ds is good for faces n mkins n …hehe…tska ung mga ngpeel n parts un ung kuminis..just kindly help me wt product pra sa pmple mrks… Sau ba nwla,? Thankie

  51. Yes, you can order to sis Rara here are her contact numbers: 09173257673 / 09295201102. You can also send her message in her Facebook Rara. With Rara, you are sure you are getting the original/authentic products.

  52. Pls expect pimples blackheads and whiteheads to appear in the first two weeks of using the treatment. Mawawala din po yan, in my case. After you are done with the 30 days treatment you will see the result.

  53. wala pong bleeding and sugat unless kinamot nyo po, Please keep in mind that skin will be very sensitive during treatment Basta sundin lang po ang directions.

  54. Professional Skin Care Formula offers skin care products specially made for underarms. Please dont use rejuvenating set to your underarms because its meant to use sa face lang. Please send Rara a message, she sells underarm whitening sets.

  55. Hello. It's just my second day pero visible na yung redness sa face ko. Ask ko lang, hindi kasi masyadong mahapdi yung sabon at toner. Is this a sign na baka hindi masyado kailangan ng face ko ng treatment? Hehe. My stuff is all orig. I checked it na. Thanks fir answering πŸ™‚

  56. Hi ask q lng po kc may nbili aq na fake na rejuv pero ngmit q na for 15 days then nag stop aq for 2 days then nkita q blog mo so nagpunta aq dun pinagbibilhan mo ng rejuv then that night ginamit q cia. Ask ko lng kung magbibilang ba aq ng 1 to 30 days nung gumamit aq ng rejuv by rara or continue q na ung mga araw na gumamit aq ng fake na rejuv? Thanks

  57. Hi, are you sure the skin care treatment you used is original?
    Also, avoid using other skin care products and cosmetics during treatment since they might not work together with rejuvenating set. Cosmetics and exposing your face to dirt might also cause you pimples.

  58. Hi i also bought the moisturizing cream so that it will not feel stingy and also hydrocort cream to lessen the redness in rara's boutique. Could this be helpful for the treatment?

  59. I havent tried those creams yet so I dont really have any idea, Im sorry. Anyways, You can always ask Rara for recommendations to lessen the redness. Goodluck on your skin treatment.

  60. Gud day ms. Leilani, I'm one of da user's of dis product, & its my 4th day now. I saw ur blog & its really helpful. Tnx 2 ur tips. I just want 2 ask, can I put a foundation & make up on my 12th days? I was asked kc to be a bridesmade on June 20. I'm so worried baka mgka allergy aq f I apply cosmetics during my treatment. Or meron prin bang visible na pamamalat kahit nasa 12th days na aq?

  61. visible peeling on the 12th day is not impossible, yet there are ways on how you can lessen the visbility. Again, i dont guarantee it will 100% make the peeling less visible since I have no idea of your skin condition. Heres some piece of advice:
    -Make sure your skin is moisturized before putting any makeup on.
    -Avoid using powder foundations, stick with liquid foundation with dewy finish.

    Most of the time during treatment, skin wont react to cosmetics as long as you use authentic cosmetics and its hypo allergenic. Also, clean your face thoroughly at night, never sleep on your makeup.

  62. Hi Miss Lei! πŸ™‚ Itatanong ko lang po sana kung after 30 days of using rejuv. Then I will use clarifying set. After 30 days of using clarifyung set, will I go back again to the rejuvenating set again and then after 30 days will go back to clarifying set again?

  63. Hi miss lei. Have you also tried the underarm whitening set of pscf by dr. Alvin? I would just like to ask if I can use calamansi soap in the morning also? The underarm whitening set I bought is with green eeling oil.

  64. Hi, yes thats the most recommended process to maintain the effect of rejuv set. After the 30 days of using rejuv set, you need to use a new set of skin care product for maintenance. I also use clarifying set =)

  65. Hi Mae, no I havent tried the underarm whitening set yet. But I heard a lot of positive feedbacks about the peeling oils they sell. The other PSCF body sets are already added in my product list to try πŸ™‚ I will also post a blog post about my experience once Ive decided to use na πŸ™‚

  66. Hello po!
    I'm Kathleen and I am 17 years old. June 27, today is my first day of using rejuvenating set. I just want you to know that I'm very inspired to your blog. Sana po, maging effective din sakin yan. 6 years ko na po kasi pinoproblema yung pimples ko. Sana talaga. Fingers crossed na po. Hehe Ask ko lang po, diba po Morning and Night yung paggamit. Yung sa morning treatment po ba, pagkagising na pagkagising sa umaga? Tas pano po kapag naligo ako sa tanghali, maglalagay po ba ulit ako ng treatment? Sana po ma-notice nyo ako. Sorry po kung madami akong tanong ah? First timer po kasi. πŸ™‚ I'll wait for your response na lang po. Thankyou!

  67. Hi Kathleen, yes morning and night, kahit anong time in the morning basta do the process twice a day lng dont use three times a day kasi matapang ang formulation. πŸ™‚

  68. Hello po. I just want to ask po if normal po ung sobrang pula as in tsaka parang nangitim or nagbrown po ung skin ko and super hapdi po. 4 days ko pa lang pong ginagamit and yet nagpepeel na po buong face ko. Tsaka minsan po pinapeel ko all the way. Is it ok po ba? Btw po, Im just 16 years old. Help me po plsss im getting frustrated po kasi and Im thinking po if i should stop using it na. Thanks po. Btw po, you have an awesome blog. πŸ™‚

  69. Hi Patty, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, as indicated in my blog post above, there is redness and most part of my skin looked darker as usual. But that is because the product is working to remove the dull skin, which is the outer layer. Its okay to peel it off yourself but you might over do it and results to irritation or magkasugat ka on that part. Might as well let the product takes care of the peeling.

  70. Hi ate, normal lang po ba ung redness sa face? pang 15th day ko na po ksi ngaun and still, mapula prn face ko. pano ba malalaman kapag burnt skin na?

  71. Hi Miss Lei, umepekto naman sking rejuv set though di ako ganun pumuti pro kuminis nmn, on my 29th day nagbilad ako sa araw for a tour, di n rin ata kinaya nung sunblock kya nangitim ako. Should i continue the rejuv set even after 30 days o mag clarifying set or maintenance set na po? Thank you. Ksi baka ang mamaintain ung kaitiman ko. πŸ™

  72. after two-three weeks, u can use rejuvenating treatment again πŸ™‚ Pls wear sunblock before sun exposure and reapply frequently if you are outside. You can also use Sunblock with higher SPF.

  73. Hello po ms. Lei..naconsume ko na po ung 30 days na paggamit ng rejuv set normal po ba na ngauon lng nglabasan mga pimples ko…please answer po..thankyou po…

  74. Ms.lei naconsume ko na po ung 30days na paggamit ng rejuv pero ngaun po lumabas mga pimples ko..pano po gagawin ko?pls help po..

  75. Hi 3rd day ko palang sa pag gamit ng rejuvenating set. Nagpipeel, mahapdi at napapansin ko na yung redness sa muka. Nagbabasa basa ako ng side effect pero wala akong nababasang nagging oily. Yung akin kase nagooily. Normal lang ba yun?

  76. Good evez, sis ask lng ako its 2nd night ko gmitin now, ang rejuvenating set, napansin ko sa face ko,namumula, namamaga, makti. & mahapdi.normal lng ba ito.?ok lng ba pagktpos gumamit ng toner & sunblock sa umaga pwde mag gamit ng cream?

  77. Hi po. Im on my 5th day na. Sobrang dami po ng breakouts q as in. Dati prob ko ung mga iilan lng ngayun dumami lalo. Is it normal po ba coz ive heard nga n on ur 1st-2nd week gnun xa. But it looks like i have allergies po dagdag pa n namumula xa.. Uhm i watched some videos na makakatulong if u TAKE MEDS with VIT.A and ZINC.. Ung Vit A helps cell renewal and zinc for fast healing and drying pimples.. I TAKE CONZANCE. May content po xa na retinol (vit a), vit e and vit c and zinc sulfate. Check nio din po sa MIMS or sa leaflet ng conzace pwede k humimgi s drugstore. Uhm i take it twice a day. No visible effects pa pero d n xa ganun khapdi and it aids nga din in drying up my pimples. But still marami parin and hoping for further effects on the usage of my rejuv set. πŸ˜‡ sna okay n xa on the second week. So eager na to see my kinis day! 😎

  78. Hi. It's my first time to use the rejuv set then will use the clarifying set after 30 days then planning to use the rejuv set then the clarifying again. I want to ask until how many times pwede gamitin ang rejuv set.
    Thank you and more power.

  79. Hi Miss Lei, my 30 days of using rejuvenating set and 30 days of using all in one maintenance is done.and i can say that the result is almost perfect hindi na ko ganun tinutubuan ng pimples though gusto ko pang gumamit ng another set of rejuvenating to peel off mga pimple marks na maliliit is it okay? kase ung friend ko na nauna sakin gumamit recommend me na ulitin ung process which she is doing right now (rejuvenating ulit after allin one maintenance) buti notice na sobrang magbakbak ung sakanya and parang nag swell ung mukha niya unlike the 1st time. ganun ka intense po ba un?should i use it again for my pimple marks?

  80. Hi Miss. Lei, its my 7th day of using rejuvenating soap. hanggang kelan po yung redness niya?. I've experienced already the pain, peeling and burnt feeling on this first week. Natutuyo na din po yung mga pimples but some pimples still appeared. Yung redness po ba visible parin till on my 14th day? because they keep on saying that ang pangit ko na daw and it's kinda annoying πŸ˜€ plsss I need your response.

  81. About the redness, it is normal to appear all through out the process. It actually depends din on your skin kasi how it will react to the product. The peeling is has to be done after 30 days.

  82. Hi miss leilani, i didn't know na meron palang rejuv set, kaya sa claryfying na aq kaagad.. im in my 4th week na. Nawala naman yung mga dark spots pero hnd nawala yung pimple marks, naglighten at nagred lng.. okay lng poh ba gamitin for another month yung clarifying set? Or mag maintenance set na? Tengkyuuuuu poh.. πŸ™‚

  83. Its up to you which one you prefer to use pero u can use the maintenance set na. You can still continue using clarifying set. Then, the next month you can go try the Maintenance set na.

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