Cheap Finds: Affordable Eyeshadow & Blusher Palette + EOTD

I feel the Luckiest whenever I bump in cheap products with very nice quality. When it comes to makeups, I don’t really invest on high end products, if I happen to own one it is because it was given to me. To be honest, I also drool with all those pretty shades of high end makeups but as always, Frugality comes in the way. 

I recently visited a Chinese Wholesale/Retail Store that sells different skin care products and households in cheaper price. One of the products that I ended picking up is this eyeshadow and blush palette. 

I am not really familiar with the brand, Tiannuo but it looks like a decent palette to add on my stash. Looking at the palette, you kind of getting the idea  of pigmentation each shade has. To be sure I won’t waste money, I tried to swatch (while the saleslady was not looking) and it has nice color pay-off which is something unusual for the price of P61.00. For this palette, you get more than what you pay for.

Here are the swatches:

The shades don’t have names which is a bummer. But as you can see on the eyeshadows.
1. Shimmery light champagne shade which I also find good to use as highlighter. Just pick a small amount on finger and rub on the higher part of cheekbone to use as highlighter.
2. Shimmery brown shade which is a pretty color.
3. Earth green shade that doesn’t have much shimmer as the first two but it registers a pretty shade that is very buildable.
4. Ash gray that has shimmer on the palette but disappears on the lids. This is the least pigmented among 4 shades which supposed to have the highest pigmentation because it is the darkest. It works for browbones to make your eyes appear deeper.

Blushes don’t have shade names as well and only comes in two shades. According to packaging, this palette is at Sparkling Charm line, so I guess the blushes supposed to have shimmers as well but these two shades are both matte.
1. Orange matte shade which is perfect for fair skin. Just use lightly because it is very opaque. It is buildable and gives off a nice pigmentation.
2. Matte melon colored blush which I really love. It is the best shade of blush for me. Not as opaque as the first shade, just right for my liking. Glides on smoothly on my cheeks and instantly gives that blooming effect perfect for my skintone.

What I don’t like:
This palette doesn’t have shade names
Filmsy packaging
Not easily available
Not sealed
No ingredients indicated.
No company/manufacturers’ info

What I like:
Nice color payoff except for the 4th shade of eyeshadow (pls refer to the swatches)
The Eiffel tower on the packaging is cute.
Nice pigmentation
See through packaging, you easily see the shades
Doesn’t irritate my face

Overall, I am so satisfied with this palette. Decent pigmentations which you really never expect to a makeup palette as cheap as this one. Eyeshadow shades have light shimmers which are wearable and still perfect for everyday wear. The blush shades are pretty. Although I am not a fan of orange blushes, it is also good to have one on stash, you’ll never know. 

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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