Verdon Keratin Hair Shampoo

Verdon Keratin Hair Spa has been circulating across Social Media sites being sold by online shops. 
This is one of the products that became popular on Facebook and instagram. When I saw this product was featured by some of my fave vloggers, I decided to check online to buy myself one. I felt a bit skeptical on it when I saw online shops sell this for P300+. Then, I saw a local whole seller store near my place selling this for P88.00. It was the store where online sellers buy their products, I feel so lucky I discovered this store! They only have few stocks left so I only had limited variants to choose from. I ended up buying myself one Verdon Keratin Hair Spa in Milk Essence.

Product: Verdon Keratin Hair Spa in Milk Essence.
Price: P250-300 online stores
I bought mine for P88.00
Where I got: From a local wholesaler store

  • No allergy or itchiness.
  • Very affordable.
  • Softens my hair.
  • There are five or six (or more) variants to choose from.
  • Less hair fall!
  • Less dry hair.

  • First off the bat, it smells like a butter on pan when you apply the product on your hair. But after a few minutes, the scent disappears leaving the hair with no scent at all which sucks.
  • No scent is better than the cooked butter smell, but I really appreciate it if it has some sort of fragrance so it adds up to confidence. I cannot bring my head near other person because I don’t want them to give negative impression about how my hair smells.

  • It makes my scalp oily! I was outside for the straight 2 hours and I just cannot hide how oily my hair looks, gosh. I swear, I will never use this shampoo if I am going to spend more time outside.
  • At the third week of using the shampoo, it seems like my hair becomes visibly dry.

In making the hair looks shiny, I don’t think that happened on my hair. No gloss effect on my hair.
On the first week of use, I thought my dandruff was eliminated but after 8 days, my dandruff has
gone active again on my scalp. It did lessen my dandruff though. Your hair feels soft upon rinsing and makes it possible to just skip your hair conditioner.
It works exactly like a conditioner when it comes to making hair manageable however, I prefer the result my Creamsilk conditioner gives me.
Although it makes my hair soft, I doesn’t work when it comes to some aspects that I need most.
I saw a lot of positive feedbacks about this hair product, however it did not work for me.
Will I repurchase this product again?
Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!
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