BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette in Beautiful Brown Eyes

Today I would like to do a review about one of the newest collection launched by BH Cosmetics. 
Included in Spring Collection of BH Cosmetics are three Enhancing Eyes Palettes; Bright Blue Eyes, Gorgeous Green Eyes and Beautiful Brown Eyes Palette. They let me choose which one I like to get and since I am all about neutrals. 
Price: $11.95/palette
Where to Buy: BhCosmetics website
Where I got: Free
This was sent to me last month and came in my local post office after 18 days. That was fast compared to the previous packages I received from my sponsors that most commonly takes to 30 days or more.
Okay…back to the topic. 😀
The package was 100% secured not to break as it was inside a securely wrapped box and when I opened the box, theres another thick paper wrapper and it never stops there because the next you’ll see is a bubble wrap. Then there’s the Palette!!! 
I love the hologrammed brown box packaging of the palette because I find it kind of unique and classy. At the back of the box, you will get to see the shade names as how they lined up in the palette. Ingredients are also listed at the side of the box.
When I saw the white palette, I fell inlove with it right at the bat. The palette is made of a thick plastic material. It is sleek and not at all flimsy. And when you open it up, you got a totally usable mirror. It also comes with two small dual ended sponge tip applicator.
The palette has 12 beautiful, neutral and complimentary shades. I suck in describing colors but I did my best to do so just to give you an overview of how the shades look like.
  • Shell – Soft matte cream shade perfect as a base color. It gets chunky when I swatched with my finger. 
  • Tender Spark – Deep brown shimmery color that looks good with other colors in the palette.
  • Fawn – Matte medium warm brown shade that glides on smoothly on lids. Perfect to use as transition color.
  • Mink Wink – Shimmery deep bronzy brown color which looks almost the same on skin with Tender Spark but this one looks a little lighter in palette.
  • So Luxurious – Purply deep taupe with shimmer to it.
  • Sienna – Very pigmented shimmery coppery goldish shade with a little bit warmer tone than some of the other colors. 
  • Socialite – Shimmery berry with pink undertone shade. This is less pigmented than the other shades in this palette, nonetheless I love it because it is easy to blend and has less fallout.
  • Amethyst – Shimmery purple but darker with pink undertone.
  • Mulberry – A berry purplish color with light shimmer. 
  • Mysterious –  Light shimmery purple 
  • Gunsmoke – Ashy gray color perfect to go with black for smokey effect. It has shimmers
  • Blackheart – Matte black, this has got to be one of my favorite. I know it i the same name with the Naked 3 darkest shade Blackheart but they are two different shades.

As you can see at the swatches, they are pretty colors. All colors are pretty pigmented. I like how they came up with the shade names as well. Each shades are easy to blend and so pretty when worn. The pigmentation are great except for the shade Mulberry and Socialite that you need a few swipes to get the achieve the color you like. Nonetheless, these are all appealing shades for me. It lasts on lids, just to make sure to use primer for the colors to pop. All shades are wearable, you can create a lot of makeup looks on this palette which is great. I love playing with the colors, they perfectly compliment each other.

I thought the disappointing factor for this palette is the pans are too small. But, I have realized, I own a lot of eyeshadow palettes and most of them are just expiring on me without hitting the pan. So I believe this the size of the pans are just perfect for me, since the brush can pick up a decent amount of each as well. I like how sleek it is, it is soo cute and handy. It really fits my purse, just perfect to bring when you travel, and there is nothing I can complain about the packaging. I have dropped this palette once and nothing bad happened. All the shadows are still intact, I love how sturdy it is. 
So far, I am all about this palette. The shades compliment each other. The earth medium toned theme of this palette is up in my alley. The total bummer on this palette is it has a lot of fallouts. You just have to do your eyeshadow first before your foundations just to save you from ruining your face makeup. 
Oh, btw, did I mention its cruelty-free? Yey, cheers!
That’s it for this review. I will do few eye makeup looks using this palette, please watch out for that.
Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!
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