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Naturactor is one of the most popular makeup products from Japan. An intense curiosity builds up upon reading positive reviews and feedbacks on random online shops in Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, I have read a few blogs and watched makeup reviews and most of who tried love this product. I decided to try it myself to lets see if it does live up my expectation or just a hype. They say it gives full coverage, which caused me a bit of hesitant because it may clog pores which can make my pimples appear and go wild again. Still, my eagerness to try this product succeeded. Now, I am ready to share my thoughts, experience and honest opinion about this product.

This Cover Face Naturactor has become an eye candy to makeup enthusiasts most especially when this product was seen being promoted by celebrities in Instagram and promises full flawless coverage. It is manufactured by a company from Japan, called Meiko Cosmetics. I haven’t seen this product being sold in shopping malls yet, I am not sure where else to get this aside from some online sellers in Facebook, instagram or ebay store where I got mine.

Cover Face Naturactor comes in 6 shades. I have a yellow undertone and the shade 151 is really perfect on me.


Packaging and Shade

When you buy Cover Face Naturactor, it comes in a small box with 95% written on it is in Japanese. The shade is determined by alpha-numeric number, and I got mine in the shade 151. This shade is the closest to my skintone, and the second to the last darkest shade available. And when you opened, the box, you will get a small pot containing the 20g concealer. It looks sturdy and the size doesn’t take too much space, perfect to bring when you travel.

What it claims

  • Conceal all the redness and imperfections on your skin while giving your face a luminous finish.
  • Heavy coverage with silky matte finish


It smells like Mena, the face cream with thick consistency that became popular way back when I was in secondary. The scent is never bothering at all and actually fades when applied on skin.

Texture and coverage
Medium to full coverage. I honestly think that the coverage it gives is quite tricky though. You can choose to get full or medium coverage. You get a thick silky matte coverage when applied but after you worked on it and the product is well blended, the coverage becomes medium. You need to add another layer to get that full coverage, however another layer is quite a burden for me because it already feels heavy on skin.

What I like

  • Buildable coverage.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • No white cast on photos.
  • Looks natural with proper blending.

What I don’t like

  • It sits on dry spots of face.
  • It sits on pores and face lines.
  • It melts on a humid weather.
  • Unhygienic packaging.
  • Not long-wearing.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Doesn’t hide pores.

Naturactor in Action!
I applied it with my finger, not a good idea in my opinion since it makes the blending hard to do. Then, I used a flat top kabuki brush but its neither a good method because it leaves little strikes. Then, I tried using my sponge, oh boy I did regret because of the noticeable strikes and it also doesn’t pick up the product nicely. I almost wanna stop and forget about this foundation but I knew I needed to give it a fair shot. I applied using tapered foundation brush and it applies nicely and evenly blend the foundation on my face. Applying downward is the best way, it gives a more natural finish. I like to top it off with my favorite loose finishing powder from Nichido.



You can control your preferred coverage, you can get a light to medium coverage with one layer (well blended) but the redness and dark circles are not 100% covered. Try to apply second layer and blend well, you get medium to full coverage. I feel the need to finish up patting my fingers on some areas that needs more coverage.
I liked the creamy finish, initially, and the colour match was fantastic! But it feels like it clogs my pores, most especially after few minutes of wearing. You have to wear primer because if not, it just sits on the top of your skin and moves around. Another turn off, it doesn’t last long under a humid weather. It melts on my skin so bad after almost two hours outdoor.
I will not recommend this for someone who has a very dry skin because it will just enhance the dry spots of your face and may appear flaky or cakey.
The best part, no white cast on photos. It is indeed a perfect foundation to turn your crank to take a selfie, lol 😛 or if you got photoshoots since it gives flawless finish and full coverage.



That’s all for this review, I hope you find this blog post helpful.
Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!
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  1. I can't wear this as foundation because the shade is too light for me. I wear it as concealer/brightener instead and it usually stays for a long time if I set it. 🙂

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