EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain in Very Red #ProductReview

There are days when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick at all yet having not putting any color on my lips makes me look dull because of my pale lips (look at the photo below). No, I don’t smoke, its genetic. So moving on, in chaos like this, a lip tint is perfect. I was looking for a lip tint yet I ended up buying Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Stain because of the super pushy SA. Well I was thinking having a dual purpose product (for lips and cheeks) for the price of Php135.00, it is already a great deal (I was trying my best to focus on the positive side)! And now, after a week of trying my new discovery lip and cheek tint, here comes the product review!

Product: Ever Bilena Advance Lip and Cheek Stain in Very Red
Price: Php 135.00
Where I bought: Watson’s




It comes in a very simple transparent tube and white lid. The list of ingredients are indicated at the back, with the shade name and stock #, manufacturing date, and batch #. No expiration date is indicated anywhere on the packaging.

It has a sweet candy scent, more like a sweet cherry scent. If you are familiar to the local candy named LIPS, that very much describes it.

I love how light it is that you wont feel you have this lip and cheek stain on. You can build the shade up as much as you want as both lip and cheek stain, but wont move once it completely dries up. I like the color pay-off because its a spot-on natural red color. 

Affordable for a dual purpose product.
Very nice, sweet, candy-like scent.
Not sticky
Easy application.
Easily available.
It tastes very awful.
Not long-wearing.

Lips: Stays on for not more than 3 hours. It leaves a bit of stain to glass when I drink. Since it is a lip product, you sometimes unintentionally get to taste it. Just try your best to avoid the product to get into your mouth or tongue, believe me, it tastes freaking awful. Just put small amount on your fingertip to apply on your lips. Easy to apply and glides on nicely. Here’s a little tip, use lipbalm prior to applying this lip stain most especially if you have dry or cracked lips to avoid exaggerate the lines in your lips. I find it quite drying on lips so a lip balm will be handy. 

Cheeks: This product won’t disappoint you as a cheek tint. Its genuinely awesome as it gives a natural hint of colour to your cheeks! Applying is a breeze and its not sticky at all. It is easy to blend, just make sure you work on it before the product completely dries up. It stays on my cheeks for three-four hours. But if you have oily skin, I doubt it will stay for more than three hours.

Final Say: 
 It is very affordable and you will not have hard time looking out. This is perfect to wear on a daily basis, and if you just want to look natural. As you can read from the ingredients, it contains two types of paraben, so if you are someone who steers away from parabens, this is not for you. Overall, I am so happy with my purchase and I see myself wearing this product as both lip and cheek stain everyday. However, I don’t see myself buying another tube once I’m done since I plan to buy the EB blush on powders and also would love to try their new liquid lip products. 

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