Product Review: Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara

To be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with mascaras. Luckily, I learn to wear falsies and because of the thought that they look better, I stopped in using mascara. However, for some reason during the Maybelline Crazy Sale, I was tempted to pick two of their Hypercurl Mascara. The price has dropped to 50%, so I thought to give mascara another chance. This is the first time to try this too so I why not give it a shot.

Product: Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara
Regular Price: P300.00
Where to get: Watsons or any Maybelline Kiosk

What I like:

  • It claims to hold your lashes for 24 hours, I really cannot tell it its true since I don’t wear makeup longer than 8 hours. But from what I experience, it lasts all day.
  • It claims to be smudge proof, and that is TRUE! One thing I don’t like in some mascara available in the local market is they smudge on me and that freaks me out. But with this mascara, holy cow it did not! Even I have watery eyes, it did not smudge or stain anywhere around my eyes. Bye panda eyes!
  • No irritations at all! I feel lucky to find you!
  • It makes my eyes come more alive! It gives that natural fresh look in my eyes.
  • Easily available, you can find in Watsons and in any Maybelline Kiosk.
  • Great quality for the price! I am lucky to get it in 50% off yet still a reasonable price even on regular price because you get equally worthy product.
  • It dries quickly which makes it a perfect even you are running late in a date or work.
What I don’t like:
\Well given it is a waterproof mascara, water and soap or a regular face wash cannot 100% remove it. I recommend using baby wipes or decent makeup remover prior washing your face to make sure it is completely removed.

Final Say:
You can easily tell how much I love this Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara! I have been using it whenever I run errands. With one application, you get that nice amount of lift. I always prefer to do second application since you can see fantastic results. In one occasion, it happened under a humid weather that all my makeup melted but my eyelashes remain pretty and nice, did I mention it doesn’t flake, too? I’m astounded at how my lashes stay curled all day. It doesn’t budge when eyes are touched. This is one awesome product to try!

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