Mamonde Lifting Serum #ProductReview

pump to dispense the product


In my journey to trying Korean skin care products, I introduced myself to serums.

Serum is a lightweight moisturizer which you apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the purpose of providing powerful ingredients directly into the skin.


Based from the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine, you basically apply serum after your essence and before your face sheet mask.

I have a combination skin, dryness in most part of my face, and oily in T-zone. Few of my primary skin concerns are sagging skin and skin ageing. I am quite a bit worried of the almost visible fine lines on my fore head. I feel my skin kinds of lose the firmness due to my age and free radicals.

I am not familiar to the brand Mamonde, but when I saw it for sale in Carinsboutique,  I immediately bought it. Mamonde Lifting Serum comes in 50 ml plastic bottle with pump. It claims to keep the moisture within the outer layer of skin cells and give the skin a healthy glow. With soybean embryo extract and vegetable proteins and vegetable protein ingredients makes skin firm, transparent and elastic. See? That is exactly all I am looking for! Natural and safe ingredients for me with a promising result, :).

Plastic bottle with a pump which is used to dispense the product. I can easily control how much product to get.

This is a transparent gel type product. Not heavy, it is water based so it is very light on skin. There is stickiness upon application but fades after few minutes. Once the product is absorbed, the skin feels tighter. You just need to quickly work your way all over the face because it dries up fast. It feels good on my skin, I feel I am giving my skin a favor whenever I use it.

I can see improvements on my skin’s texture. It feels a bit firmer after 1 month used. I cannot emphasize enough how much I loooove using this product!


– Mild scent

– Doesn’t irritate my skin

– Suitable for all skin types

– Effective product in firming

– Feels great on skin after application

– Skin feels and looks healthy

– Very hygienic packaging.



– Hard to find

– A little pricey

– Sticky


Repurchase? Definitely YES!


Overall, I give this product 4/5. I feel like I am giving my skin a big favor to slow down skin ageing. I am pleased in using this product and I will definitely recommend this serum to those who is looking to improve skin’s texture because it firms skin, while the instant glow it gives is a bonus.


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