Clean and Moisturize with Enprani White Cell Foam Cleanser



Enprani is a Korean Skin Care brand I have known just recently. I have always been curious to try different Korean brands so I thought to get the Enprani White Cell Foam Cleanser. This is the very first Korean Foam Cleanser I have tried. I got this from Carinsboutique in IG for a very reasonable price of
This foam cleanser is in a squeezable tube for very easy product dispensing just like most foam cleansers you can buy in the market. But this foam cleanser originally came with a box. The box has a hologram effect, they kind of levelled up in that level which makes it look a little classier than other Korean foam cleansers.
It claims to be perfect for all skin types, perfect for my skin that gets irritated easily which makes it sensitive.
Below are photos of the product;


This foam cleanser has yellow micro beads, which you can feel when you lather the product on your skin. Those micro beads act as exfoliator to gently cleanse the skin and leave it soft and smooth.

yellow microbeads

The squeezable tube is very hygienic, it also makes dispensing the product very easy.
Very reasonable price for a 100ml product.
Simple yet eye catching packaging.
No negative skin reactions upon using the product.
My face feels very clean after wash.
Very mild scent.
Very gentle on skin.
Best for dry skin.

Hard to find.

This foam cleanser makes my face look and feel clean above any other foam cleansers I have tried before. I really love the result on my skin, it feels soft and my breakouts has just ridiculously lessened! I cannot emphasize enough how I am very satisfied with Enprani White Cell Foam Cleanser. I definitely recommend to anyone with or without sensitive skin.

However, I cannot see any significant improvement on oiliness of my skin. It doesn’t perform in oil control department. But if you have dry skin, this facial foam cleanser is perfect for daily use and will surely help you get that moisturized skin.

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