Get Sebum-Free Face with W-Lab Peel Off Pack

One of the Kbeauty products I have been wanting to try are the products I got from my 2nd Althea Korea box. All the products are from the brand W-Lab.

It was the first time I’ve heard of the brand,it is a Korean brand which I don’t often heard about. I got so curious since most products from the brand are pricey. Most especially the W-Lab SEBUM-OUT Peel Off Pack (100ml) which is tagged for P2,200, that’s pretty steep. Since I got the beauty box, I got it in a discounted price along with other W.Lab products.


Today, I’d like to share my two cents on this W-Lab SEBUM-OUT Peel Off Pack. The infographics are just too convincing, anything with infographics like these will probably make it to the target marketing campaign.

It claims to eliminate sebum and dirt by peeling them off which will leave your skin clean and clear. It is something I call intense face cleaning which we should do at least twice a week. Most especially if you feel your skin is too oily, your makeup doesn’t adhere on your skin anymore and look messy.

I tested it out and see if it will do wonders on my combination skin. My face looks tired due to lack of sleep and stress. And sometimes, I cannot make time for my skin care routine most especially when I get too busy with my multiple office works and mommy duties.


I really thought peeling off the mask hurts (like pilaten), but it doesn’t. This peel off mask is 100% painless, +1 for that. I heard that painful peel off masks can damage your face in the long run.

This is the before and after photos. The before photo, I got noticeable clogged pores. The after photo shows it improved the condition. As you can obviously see, my face looks blooming and feels soft and smooth. I feel good after I peeled off the mask, it’s like my pores are cleaned and my face feels refreshed. As for the pore tightening effect, I don’t think it did anything in that department.

I am very pleased with the result, the product gets the job done in cleaning my face and minimizing the oiliness. I also love that it made my face feels soft and smooth after. Overall, it did not dissappoint!

I don’t recommend this to anyone with dry skin because it might make your skin drier. This is perfect to use by those with combination and oily skin type.


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