Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Lipsticks Swatches + Review

As I always mention in my previous posts, Ever Bilena is one of my favorite local makeup products. This is the first brand that was introduced to me when I was just starting to learn to apply makeup. Last month, as I was buying Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil, I saw these Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Lipsticks. The SA told me that this is their lates released product. Since I am more into matte lipsticks, I grabbed the chance and got all shades that they have. It retails for an introductory price of P150 which contains 2g of the product, but it will soon change to original price of P180 as per the SA. It is made in China, as per the packaging.


First, let me show you all the shades and swatches:

Those swatches are with just one wipe of the bullets. I love the color selection from this line!


Royalty – it takes multiple swipe to build up my desired lip color. I like the shade soo much, it’s like a dark violet red shade.

Seduction – This has the most vibrant color pay off among all shades from this line. I like how girly it makes you look when applied. It is a very pigmented red shade with a hint of orangey color.

Elegance – This is a bold fire brick shade, its as pigmented as Seduction. Multiple layers of application is required to achieve my desired coverage. This is my fave shade but I am quite heart broken that it gets patchy and uneven most of the time.

Sassy – This is a vibrant pink shade. This is perfect for those with fair skin. I love the color pay off, it’s pigmented and you can get the desired coverage with single swipe.

Innocence – Nude shade, perfect to wear everyday most especially if you are into ‘no-makeup look’. I like how easy to get the desired coverage with single swipe unlike the other shades.

Passion – This is a brown shade lip color. I love this shade but the formulation is so drying on my lips.


Sleek and the design is simple. The name of shade is indicated below the actual packaging. The stock number is also written on the packaging. The plastic packaging goes with the reasonable price, it may look and feel inferior, to be honest. But I am a person who doesn’t mind how the packaging looks, as long as the bullets are up my alley. The white lips printed onto the actual packaging of the lipstick fades easily. But in all fairness, the packaging is pretty tight that you do not have to worry it will mess up your stuff in your purse.



It claims to be waterproof but upon conducting my own test, it is 80-90% waterproof. It is also 90% transfer proof. I can see a slight color transfer on the glass/mug when I drink. Almost 50% fades after eating so touching up is a must. I suggest to apply lip balm or if you have time, try lip scrub just to make application smooth and create more presentable result. After eating, I had to remove the entire remaining lip color on my lips because it appears patchy if I just touch up.  Some shades need multiple application just to get the desired coverage. It wears off after 5-6 hours.


Overall, I really love the matte finish of shades seduction, sassy, and innocence. This Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Lipsticks line is definitely a must try. Yet, if you have dry lips make sure to exfoliate first so you can make most out of these shades. If you are looking for a very affordable lip product with matte finish, this is perfect for you.






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