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Ooops, I did it again! (insert Britney Spears). Hahahaha have you ever promised yourself not to do something but its just so compelling that all that you can do is close your eyes, brush over the promise and ust do it again. Ohh I must admit, am so bad in keeping promises when a beauty product is involved.

Hahaha yup, I told myself I am in a shopping ban but here I go again… another haul!

Well I am not in any way feel bad, I must admit this is my weakness! You better invest for your skin, care for your skin because free radicals can be a big factor that causes skin problems, not to mention we are ageing. For me, skin care products is a primary priority, and make-ups is just secondary.

So, without further ado, here’s my latest K-Beauty haul!

The first photo is my haul from SMYLEE group in Facebook. The seller is Angiela Layug, you can order from her, click HERE

The second photo is my haul from Carinsboutique of Instagram.

Some of the products are repurchased, I will do separate product reviews on each products I got. I cannot wait to share my thoughts, wondering if you will like them as well.

Have you ever tried using any of the products from my haul? If yes, please comment down.


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