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One of my recently discovered K-Beauty BB cream is Get New Skin Aqua Collagen Special BBDation which I got from Angel Korean Cosmetics. I have been wanting to try BB cream from Korea and this is my first try!


It contains SPF50+/PA+++ which protects skin from harmful uv rays which caused ageing. Tight to the skin in the rising of subungam (closed moisture) and youngyanggam (nutrition of the) smooth skin losing elasticity and administration tasks.

The BB cream comes in this blue box, I am not sure if you can pick the hologram effect on the box from the photo. The layout of the box looks simple yet the egyptian blue color makes it look classy. The product comes in a sky blue, squeezable tube. I like the packaging, not cheap looking and a nice addition to my stash. I like how easy it is to dispense the product from the tube, I get a pretty good control of how much product to squeeze out.

Get New Skin Aqua Collagen Special BBDation comes with one shade only. It creates balance and give you the perfect coverage for your skintone. Iit might look too light on my morena complexion but it oxidizes after few minutes and viola, looks good enough.

BBdation, as how I understand it is a bb cream and foundation in one product. It feels light on your face but the coverage and finish is like you used a foundation. Oh am I making sense? Hahaha never mind! The bb cream has a thick texture like Colour Collection BB Cream. And due to its texture, you just need a small amount to cover your whole face. A little goes a long way, you can just build to your desired finish. The coverage can be as natural or as seamless as you like. Application is very easy, it glides smoothly on your face. It wears lightweight on skin, you won’t notice you are wearing anything. The light to medium coverage can cover the mild redness and small blemishes. It has lessen the appearance of my dark circles but I believe you can build up for more coverage. This product is perfect for combination skin, it has a semi-dewy finish. It gives that instant fresh look on your face, leaving you with a natural glow. It doesn’t dry up your skin unlike other bb creams that I have tried, thanks to the Aqua Collagen it contains. If you have oily skin, don’t worry because this product will never make your face look like a frying pan filled with oil. It amazingly works like magic and will make your face look well hydrated.

You can apply pressed powder or loose powder on top of it. But I prefer the latter because it makes the bb cream more long wearing depending on the brand of powder I use. You can also choose to leave it without finish powder if you opt to go for a semi-dewy look. but it makes the product not long-wearing. Without powder, the product stays on my face for about 4-5 hours.

Without finish powder, you can see how it covered up my pores. I have visible blackheads on my nose but this product amazingly covered them all. My skin looks flawless and smoother.

No irritations and itching appeared while using it. No awkward smell, which is great. This is the best bb cream for everyday use because its light and easy to apply. Iit is perfect to use for all skin types, indeed a perfect product to own.

Overall, I am very happy and contented about this product and I cannot think of anything con to be honest. This product is special to me because I really love the finish and I have been using it almost everyday.

If you wanted to try Get New Skin Aqua Collagen Special BBDation, you can get it from Angel Korean Cosmetics.


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