September 2017 Favorites!

Hi there Chicas, how was your September? Mine was pretty busy, quite exciting, and indeed very productive. I feel blessed with all the good and not-so good happenings in the past month. It is always important to be thankful no matter what.

Well for today’s post… ahhhh I missed doing this, sharing my most used faved products of the past month. Some of these are products I have been using for few months already and some are newly introduced. Without further ado, here are the products that made it to my Monthly Fave List.


Here are the individual photos and a short story why it becomes a fave.


3W Clinic Make Up Pearl Mist – I got this KBeauty product just a few months ago and I have been constantly using it. This has been a fave for two months now. Its sad that I don’t see reviews on this mist because I freakin love it! I swear by this product and promise to do a review soon.

Myra Vita Quench Lotion – I love everything about this lotion, the scent, texture, and hydrating effect. I also love the Myra Vita Smooth which is in red bottle because it makes my skin smooth as well.

Mise en sc’ene Perfect Serum – Another Korean product that made it to my fave list. This is my first time to try this one and I got hooked up right at the bat! It makes my hair so smooth and I got addicted to the scent.

3W Clinic Natural Make-Up Powder (shade 23) – I cannot emphasize enough how I love this setting powder. The shade is perfect for my skintone. It gives that perfect matte finish that I always wanted, my face feels so smooth. I don’t know but it also gives that noticeable glow. I will do my best to do a product review, promise! I prefer using a powder brush than the soft sponge that comes with it. Very affordable, too!

Karadium Cushion (shade 23) – I have tried several cushions in the past two months, and this one stands out! For those who don’t know, this is a Korean brand. I love how classy the packaging is, and the full coverage stays all day.

Dinoplatz Blotting Paper – I got this from my 4th Althea Korea Box. Although I have an oily face, I am not used to using blotting paper. But since I got so curious and it was on sale, I thought to get one. This one never disappoints, I’d love to do a product review soon.

All in One Mizon Perfume De Body Secret – This is a body scrub, body wash, body essence, and perfume in one. This product makes the shower way more fun. This is indeed one of the best smelling body wash I ever tried.

VS Fragrance Mist – My fave fragrance mist eversince I know it. Suits my girly girl side and the color pink is my fave color eversince. I like how the scent lasts all day, even until the next day.

RMK Whitening Deodorant – I have been loving this liquid deo for the whole month of September. It makes the sweating a lot lesser, and it doesn’t stain my clothes. The chicken skin has lessened, I can now show my underarm without any hesitation.

RA & Gowoori Velvety White Cream – I posted a review here. I have been using this almost everyday!

Last but not the least, Nature Republic Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil.  I have been using it a lot! You can tell, I am halfway bottle already because it incredibly cleanse my skin 100%. I love the scent, and never made my skin any more oily.


That’s all from this post, anything from my list ever made it to your faves list? If yes, let me know in the comment box!

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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