Haul! New Products to Try!


Well, I can never be more excited because I got a quite more new products to try. These products are from my recent purchase in Shopee. Since these seems like a lot of product, I will take sometime using it before I can do a review on them.

Lansley Anti-Acne Set from Beauty Buffet

I am very careful in choosing the products I use on my face since I really have a very sensitive skin. I am now using the Lansley anti-acne Facial wash, and so far I am loving it.

Scentio Double Milk Body Wash, Scentio Keratin Deep Penetrating Reconstruction, Scentio Raspberry Jam Scrub 

These bathe essentials just gave me enough reason to enjoy my shower routine more!

Human Nature! It feels great knowing you are using safe and natural products for you and for your kids.
Nature Republic Argan Shampoo, Nature Republic Argan Conditioner, Nature Republic Aloe Vera facial Wash
Cathy Doll!

I cannot wait to finally do a review on these products.


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