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Sample Room Haul 1

This is my very first Sample Room Haul although it has been more than six months since I registered to their website. You might wonder why. It is just I either don’t find the previous products appealing, or if I like a featured product, my points are not enough to compensate. When I saw the SkinWhite

Latest ELF Haul

Hi Pretties!Hows your December going so far? I hope everyone is having such a great month, like me! I have been so lucky this month. I am receiving a lot of wonderful blessings. And I am very thankful for that. One of the most affordable drugstore makeup brand that I really really love is ELF Cosmetics.

November Collective Haul

How’s everyone?  Well I just made this quick post to show my collective haul for the month of November. I won several giveaways on October, Yay very lucky ME! The prizes were arrived to me on November. So, here you will see most of the prizes I received together with my November purchases. Okay, enough

My Nichido Haul

NICHIDO. I have been a fan of this brand ever since I learned to wear makeup. Why? Local brand!  Although the quality is not like the ones on the expensive brands, I am still so happy with the products I use. As long as there is no any kind of irritations developed and ofcourse budget


Zwitsal Mae is the  blogger owner of She is one of the most generous bloggers you could ever known. Why? She always has an ongoing giveaway on her blogs. That is  her way to give back to her loyal readers and followers. She blogs about fashion, beauty, motherhood and lifestyle. Last month, she held

My October Haul

Trick or Treat!!! Haha, I am having a pretty nice mood today, well although I always try to put up a good mood at the start of each day but today feels different Huh? I dunno either! Haha. Well anyways, do you also feel how days pass by so fast? It’s like, today is Monday

September Haul

Hi everyone! How did you start your October? My October had a great start! I am so happy that everything went as I expected. Busy as always, but I am so happy that I am able to buy what I like and provide my family needs at the same time. Opportunities keep coming, and that

August Mini-Haul

Here is a very quick post of my mini haul for the month of August. It is supposed to be posted last week but I really got no time in taking and editing photos. I am so sorry about the low quality of photos posted, all photos were taken from my cellphone.  Too bad, I