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Love for ELF: Liquid Eyeliner

I have been using liquid eyeliner for years now. For me, any look is never complete without a liquid eyeliner on. I remember, my first ever liquid eyeliner 4 years ago was from Japan, I cannot read the brand name on the bottle because it was written in kanji, and that was how my love

ELF Studio Stipple Brush Review

It is a very very busy weekend for me. I know, I should be slacking all weekend, relax after a busy week at work or just wrapping all those holiday gifts instead of sitting infront of my desktop to log in to work. This is the only best thing to do when expenses started to

Latest ELF Haul

Hi Pretties!Hows your December going so far? I hope everyone is having such a great month, like me! I have been so lucky this month. I am receiving a lot of wonderful blessings. And I am very thankful for that. One of the most affordable drugstore makeup brand that I really really love is ELF Cosmetics.

ELF Studio Small Smudge Brush Review

This ELF Studio Small Smudge brush is included in my September haul post and I really cannot believe that I even forgot that I have this when yesterday I was cleaning my arsenal and saw this under the rest of my makeups. I was like, oh my how come I forget about You!!! I guess that