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How I Do My Eyebrows

They say, our eyebrows should be sisters, not twins. You just need to struggle a lot just to make them both look exactly the same from roots to tips.  Some might not know, there are different eyebrow shapes suitable for a particular shape of face. Here is a guide on how you should shape your

BEAUTY 101: Exfoliate Your Lips

It is important to keep our lips exfoliated. This is a process on which we remove dead skin from our lip’s surface.¬† Do you have chapped and dry lips? That is already an indication that you really need to exfoliate your lips. Not only cold weather can make our lips dry. It could be smoking

Beauty or Harm? How to Determine Expired Makeups

Do you check the expiration dates of your makeups? We all know that makeups have expiration dates. But what we don’t know is how long does it takes before your makeup expire. Do you have an idea how long you should keep using your favorite¬† lipstick?Or maybe some ladies just don’t wanna throw it away