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Colour Collection BB Cream Review

Eversince the Koreans introduced BB Cream, I have been dying to try it. I wanna try different BB creams and look for the best BB cream for my skin type. When I heard that Tupperware PH released their BB Cream, I was so eager to go get myself one but I cannot find any Tupperware

Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer REVIEW

It’s just recently when I started caring about my skin. Before, I use lotions and creams however I am not particular with the brand. As long as I have something to consume, I am fine. Doesn’t really matter how effective it is because I don’t even use creams and lotions regularly. Lately, I just suddenly

Product Review: iWhite Facial Cream

Lately, I have been reading quite few raves about iWhite Facial Cream. What they call 3 in 1 product. It whitens, protects skin with spf and also works as a makeup base. Oh my, this product knocks out a bunch! I am so happy that Ms. Celine included as a prize for me two tubes

Why I Love Godiva

I am pretty sure the next couple of days, I will be busier. Because I really need to work hard for the coming holidays! I got a lot of inaanaks and I like to shop for my family and kiddos. All my friends and family know that I am a big fan of any product

Review: San-San BB Cream in Beige

  How are you loves? Well, I am just keeping my promise to regularly update this blog. I am planning to buy a domain name maybe by next month and officially change my domain name into my name, maybe?? And also which host will am I going to use. My other blog has it’s own

My Current Shower Cream

Well today, I will be doing a review about my current shower cream which Ms.Kath of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath had sent me. I really love the idea that Watson’s came up with their own skin care line because I have tried some of their bathe essentials before and I like them all. Not to