I am Dear Kitty Kittie Kath’s MOM!

I should have this posted last month but I got too busy with a lot of stuff that is why it took me just today to post this.

I am pretty sure you are all familiar with Ms. Kath Rivera’s blog, Dear Kittie Kitty Kath. She is one of the most generous bloggers I have met from my 6 months of blogging. Her blog is very informative and transparent, mostly about product reviews, beauty and skin tips and events.

Her blog is one of my most favorite blog because her opinions are genuine and full of sense.
She always has an ongoing giveaway on her blog so better not to forget to drop by on her blog and also check her blog posts for more info about certain beauty products.

By regular visit + comment on her blog, you can get a chance to be her member of the month. She replies on the comments and very friendly on her blog readers.

Here are all the prizes I got from her.

Thanks so much Ms.Kath. I really appreciate your generosity. I really enjoy all the prizes you sent me.

Visit her website here: Dear Kitty Kittie Kath

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