Product Review: iWhite Facial Cream

Lately, I have been reading quite few raves about iWhite Facial Cream. What they call 3 in 1 product. It whitens, protects skin with spf and also works as a makeup base. Oh my, this product knocks out a bunch! I am so happy that Ms. Celine included as a prize for me two tubes and 3 sachets of iWhite Facial Cream. Finally, got a chance to try it!

Just a short story I wanna tell. I just wanna share that I have discovered iWhite from my mom who has been using it for like 8 years already. I remember her asking me to buy her iWhite nose pack in HBC way back when I was still single. Now that my son is already 8 years old, she is still using it and really never tried any product other than iWhite. Infact, she even influenced me in using iWhite nosepack and I really love it. I will try to make a review on iWhite Nosepack soon.

Product: iWhite Korea
Price: (I got it FREE) Php 196.00/ 65ml tube, Php21.00/10ml sachet
Availability: any drugstores, dept.stores, grocery stores
Rate: 4.5/5.00


What it Claims:
iWhite Facial Cream is a natural facial cream that gives you 3 benefits for a complete protection.
Dual UV protection
Make-up Base

What I like:
  • Sunscreen protection.
  • Whitening power.
  • Helps to hold my makeups and stay for longer hours.
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin.
  • Matte powder finish.
  • Doesn’t make my face oily unlike liquid foundations.
  • Decent and pretty nice smell
  • It has a thick consistency so a little goes a long way.
  • Available in sachets (if ever you wanna try it first before you buy the tubed).
  • You can find in any drugstores or grocery stores.
  • Light on skin, you don’t even feel that you are wearing it.
  • Affordable.

What I don’t like:
  • New users will find it hard to blend on skin.
  • Gives white cast all over when not properly blended.
  • Not suitable for dark skin tone.


  • The secret not to appear too white on your face is just put a small amount first. Then add more if that is not yet enough.
  • If you happened to apply more don’t panic. You can tone down by using darker shade of powder or foundation on top of it. 
  • It can be very difficult to blend so be patient until you get a full coverage.
  • Use moisturizer and let your skin absorb the moisturizer prior applying iWhite cream. It helps make your blending more easier.It ppears blotchy when applied on dry face.
  • Use makeup brush for better coverage.
  • Always never forget to also put iWhite cream on your neck so it is proportion with your face color.

Suggestions and Recommendations:
I hope they come up with different shades of makeup base. 

My FINAL say:
I really like the smell maybe because of the Mulberry Root Extract it contains. Overall, I really like how it delivers. It worked fantastically on my skin. Not being exaggerated but I have never tried any product that has the same effect on my skin. I like that it gives three benefits. Just imagine the total price of three products, moisturizer, sunblock and a makeup base compare to iWhite Facial Cream’s very affordable price?  I also cannot empty one tube in a month with everyday usage since application doesn’t really need a lot, a little amount of the product really goes a long way. Although I am a homebased freelancer that doesn’t require me to go out, I still need a product with SPF everyday. I have been using it for a month now, and I am so happy that it does the job. I put this on my moisturized face and set it with powder. That’s pretty much it! On the whitening effect, I believe it contributes a lot. My skin looks brighter and lighter. I also use the iWhite facial wash and Moisturizer so they help together to give me my desired fairer and flawless skin. It lasts all day and with it’s ingredients that promote complete protection, it is nice to know that I am actually doing something good for my face.

How many hearts?

Have you ever tried any iWhite products? Share with me. 😀

Stay pretty inside and out ladies! 

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