VS Hydrating Body Lotion Review

Yes, just like other girls, I do all effort possible to keep my skin hydrated. Aside from drinking water as much as I can all day, I do use hydrating body lotions and creams. One of the latest product I have been using is this Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Lotion.

It has a not thick and not watery consistency which is good enough for my preference. I am never really into watery lotions. While lotions with thick consistency are not easily absorbed by my skin.

Hydration 7/10
This lotion is intended to hydrate my skin but sad to say, it is not hydrating as I thought it is. Although it takes off the dryness of my skin, it doesn’t keep my skin hydrated like all day. After 5 hours, my skin slowly turns back to it’s dry condition. However, if you are someone who doesn’t have that super dry skin like mine, this lotion is perfect enough to hydrate your skin.

Scent 10/10
The best scent of lotion, well atleast for me. This is my ideal scent and I really love it. I don’t even mind the low level of hydration it gives because I am in love with the sweet floral scent on my skin when I use this.

Price 8/9
Since I really love the scent, for me it gives a good value for the price. And girls, its Victoria’s Secret, you must expect the price is higher than your ordinary lotions in drugstores and groceries.

Overall, I love it and really recommend this to my family, readers and friends. It glides on smoothly on my skin and leave my skin looking supple and smooth.

How about you, ever tried lotions from VS? Pls share your experience by the comment box below. TIA!

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