San-San HD Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

HBC is one of my most fave local beauty store here in my area. First, and foremost I love shopping their SanSan cosmetics! The first ever SanSan product I have tried was eyebrow product, and then I tried the SanSan BB Cream in Beige. It was followed by countless products from HBC, I just wish I can get the chance to review them all! What I love about shopping in HBC, most of their products are very affordable. Most especially the San-San High Definition Lipstick.

I really wanted to get more shades but the other shades available have an expiration date of 2017. I only bought those with 2018 expiration dates. The shades I got are; Serene Peach, Soft Mocha, Deep Ruby, and Prowess Purple. I instantly fell in love with the shades I got, they are all stunning and really couldn’t wait to wear each. It retails for P180.00 each.
  As you can see, the applicator has three rounds of twist before you can open which is pretty much huge advantage just to make sure the liquid won’t spill inside your purse. The applicator glides perfectly on lips and very convenient to use. The packaging doesn’t look cheap, hands down to the creative minds of cosmetics packaging design team :D.

Here are the swatches:

On my lips:

My personal fave shade is Deep Ruby because it is the perfect matte formulation I have been wanted. Very easy to build up and very pigmented. 1-2 minutes waiting time to completely dry up on your lips. It lasts up all day, perfect for those who don’t have time for touch ups.

Serene Peach needs multiple application to build the shade. It has blue undertone, and take quite longer to dry up.

Don’t you just felt the intensity on the shade name Prowess Purple? Hahaha this shade is another favorite! I love how intense the shades appear with just a single application. I love the color pay-off, very bold and powerful. It dries up pretty quickly and lasts all day!

To be honest, Soft Mocha is a HUUGE disappointment. I think someone with fair skin will fit this shade. I should have picked up other shades though because as you can see on the swatch, it made me look very pale. It takes a lot of coating to build up, and its too creamy that gives me pretty hard time to apply.

They are non-transferrable and delivers long lasting coverage, the reason why beauty enthusiasts love San-San HD Liquid Lipstick. Don’t double coat when dry because you won’t like the result. Overall, this San-San HD Liquid Lipstick is a BOMB considering the very affordable tag.

Have you already tried San-San HD Liquid Lipstick? What’s your fave shade?


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