RA & Gowoori Velvety White Cream #ProductReview

How’d you love using products with multiple skin benefits? Not only it saves you time but also you can make most out of your money. I got this one multi-benefit product I have been constantly using eversince I got my hands on it.  Curious? it’s a korean brand product called RA&Gowoori Velvety White Cream.

Product: RA&Gowoori Velvety White Cream

Price: P720/100g

What it claims: Anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturizing, nourishment, soothing, tone correction, and waterproof.

How to use: Last step to your skincare routine. Apply a small amount of cream on the face and gently pat the skin. Apply as a makeup base or foundation. Apply in the afternoon or as needed.


Packaging: It is housed in a classy glass jar with a silver cap.

I usually use this cream in the morning as the last step to my skincare routine. This is a great makeup base to use before my fave bb cream or foundation. If I am too lazy to do my makeup, this cream makes my face looks glowing. This RA & Gowoori Velvety White Cream reminds me so much of IWhite Korea Whitening Cream. It has a light and fresh fragrance.

This is how it looks on my face, take note that I have a very oily skin.

The formula is thick and the cream gives very light coverage. A little goes a long way so just use a small amount. Just be careful in application because it you might end up with a very white face. It looks too white at first, but it blends well on your face afterwards. It looks dewy on my skin because of my oily face. I like how it look natural after an hour, it makes my face look glowing and smooth. But be careful not to touch your face before it sets because it has a tendency to move. You can see from the photo below, the application looks uneven because I touched that part prior the cream has set.

I usually like to use this before my foundation or bb cream because it makes a great base. It performs well as base and make your makeup results to more flawless appearance.

What I like:

Performs great as a makeup base

It is a multi-benefit cream

It functions as whitening cream

It contains natural ingredients

A small amount goes a long way

Contains natural ingredients



What I don’t like:

Very unhygienic container, I needed to transfer to a pump bottle.

Limited availability


In my opinion, this is an amazing face cream that’s appropriate for all skin types. I would definitely suggest trying this out, most especially if you suffer from dry skin because this cream has moisturizing properties. If you are someone with oily skin, might as well set it with powder.

Availability: Angel Korean Cosmetics

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