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You all know the fact that I am obsessed with K-Beauty products since last year. Can you relate to the eagerness to try each high-rated product with positive reviews and all? Yes, I am tempted to try them and easily gives in.

One of the most raved K-Beauty product is Guerisson 9Complex. I immediately checked out my cart with 3 Guerisson 9 Complex products.

When my order arrived, I was excited as a child. I immediately use the products hoping to acquire the result of the product claims.

For the record, I have a combination type and sensitive skin. I have been using Korean products for months and not a product ever gave me bump.


Guerisson 9Complex Skin, 130ml – P650

Guerisson 9Complex Essence, 160ml – P650

Guerisson 9Complex Lotion, 130ml – P650

This is my skin before I started using Guerisson 9Complex products:

This is my skin after 1 month of using Guerisson 9Complex products:

Each product has the same very light scent. After washing my face, I put a small amount of Guerisson 9Complex Skin on a cotton pad and gently dab on my face. I will wait for it to dry and apply a decent amount of Guerisson 9Complex Essence all over my face. After that, my skin feels a bit dry. Lastly, I apply Guerisson 9Complex Lotion, one pump is enough to get a decent amount and a little goes a long way. After applying the last product, my skin looks oily but once the product dries up, skin feels dry.

Disappointed, I stopped using Guerisson 9Complex products. My skin’s reaction is definitely opposed to what I was expecting. Everyday, the breakout worsens.

I stopped using the product because I believe what happened was more than what they say purging stage. My skin has become drier and there are breakouts in different parts of my face. I checked the products, none of them is expired. No odd smell, nor odd color. I did not overuse, I use each product as recommended, twice a day.

Everyone’s skin is different, and what works for someone else may not work for you and can even make your condition worse. Same way, what did not work for me might worked for you. The only way to find out is try and see the result.

I am not sure though which ingredient of these products irritate my skin, all I know is this is so far the worst nightmare in trying kbeauty products. I will not stop using Korean skincare products though, I will be more careful what to use in the future.


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