Hey World!



I am baaack!

Hahaha can’t wait to update this blog. I had crazy months, its never easy being a mom of three with one full time job and three part time jobs, believe me! Well anyways, blogging is my love. I love to write. I love to express myself thru writing. So, I will always find a way back, that sounds a line of a song,ugh. Well good news is I have unloaded a two-year part time job, now I am left with two more part time job and one full time. I am happy to be typing again for this website, yuhoo! **happy dance**


Well, I have a lot to share. I have so many products to feature and I have already photographed most of them for the product reviews, cant wait to share them all to you!


Calm down Lei, hahaha/


I sound so ecstatic, I know. I just cannot contain the excitement and happiness.

Well, get ready for a bunch of product reviews, vlogs and blogs.


See you around!


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