K-Beauty: Shower Mate Perfume Lovely Body Wash Review

Body soaps are great, but sometimes I love the lather of body wash. First time I try a Korean body wash, I got Shower Mate Perfume Lovely Body Wash from YKS Group in Facebook. I can no longer remember the price but it ranges P100-P120. Its a great deal for an authentic Korean product.

The lavender bottle is just adorable, the graphics made it so girly. I love how it arranged on my bathroom along with other bathe products I have. I believe this is the smaller size they have, its easy to dispense the product.

I love the scent, its sweet perfume instantly brings zen in the shower. It has a creamy lather, a little goes a long way.

The scent lingers on your skin even after shower. Hahaha it may sound weird but I always find myself sneaking a sniff of the fragrance on my arms whenever I used it. I don’t use it everyday though because I alternate bodywash and soap for some reason.

I like that it has moisturizing properties, does not make my skin dry. I feel like I am giving my skin the best treat everytime I use it.

You are totally missing out if you haven’t tried this body wash.

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